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  1. Dparo

    Amsoil Oil Filter

    Amsoil dealer for four years. 😝 I only use OEM filters.
  2. Dparo

    New 1FZ shortblock

    With three different Cruisers I've bought a lot of parts through them, he was good enough to have had some discount code applied to my account, it's basically McGeorge pricing with free shipping. It has been a little more frustrating lately though as it seems to be a revolving door with the...
  3. Dparo

    New 1FZ shortblock

    Just left my dealership and the parts manager said he’s never heard of this. Go figure. All they said was backordered. Price wasn’t bad though.
  4. Dparo

    Delta VS Radius Arms

    I had to program one to move and stack blocks in my PLC training. Fun stuff.
  5. Dparo

    Dparo's 1997 Collectors Edition Build/Refresh

    Locally there doesn't seem to be much interest of doing a rebuild, at least as far as I looked. I'll probably just build one with as many new parts as I still can. Initially I thought I'd speed through this a bit quicker but as of now I'm probably going to accumulate parts and do this down the...
  6. Dparo

    Dparo's 1997 Collectors Edition Build/Refresh

    Not too much going on with might be a longer term project. I expected to swap the motor at some point. I'm hesitating on swapping out other engine bay components until after. So most everything is cosmetic, swapped all of the door rubber parts and the windows are a little faster...
  7. Dparo

    FZJ80 Windshield Replacement - Best brands?

    May I suggest adding it…
  8. Dparo

    Window won't roll-up when weather is cold or wet.

    Has anyone tried one of these...
  9. Dparo

    Soft Tailgate upgrade

    I probably got a bit overly ambitious with this as the site showed one remaining in stock when I bought it. I'm not presently interested in cutting my tailgate for storage (I didn't read carefully enough) so having this probably doesn't make a lot of sense. I'll sell it for what I paid...
  10. Dparo

    How to tap the switched power from the moonroof / sunroof

    Bumping. How the heck did you free that wire up enough to get access?
  11. Dparo

    Cruiser Dan and Beno?

    I took some online McGeorge pricing to my local dealership parts manager. I asked him if I bought a lot if he would match. He does. I have right around 25% off, I can't remember the code they use. Actually their price is a slight bit above McGeorge but I don't have to pay shipping. I...
  12. Dparo

    Land Cruiser Heritage Parts Project

    Submitted for both headlamps, windshield, washer reservoir, climate control w/Auto.
  13. Dparo

    TORFAB: The 1995 Emerald Green Refresh

    Have you decided what carpet you will be going with?
  14. Dparo

    Where to find a new windshield for ‘97

    I'd buy a new Toyota windshield, I hate this aftermarket glass.
  15. Dparo

    Window won't roll-up when weather is cold or wet.

    I also used some soap. Unfortunately for me after replacing all of the runners my windows are still slow. I'll probably just live with it, not really wanting to spend $800-ish on motors.
  16. Dparo

    Finally, A Proper OE-Style 80-Series Sound System

    Is vegan leather just plastic?
  17. Dparo

    Wits' End Accessory Mounting Quarter Panel- need input

    Are you charging a trailer battery?
  18. Dparo

    Dparo's 1997 Collectors Edition Build/Refresh

    So...I'm working a ton of OT right now and have little time, but I can order parts. I was going to replace the front O2 sensor that was throwing a code and well, there is no convertor. There is a bung welded in but I knew I was going to replace the gibson muffler at some point, looks like it...
  19. Dparo

    New 1FZ shortblock

    Minus the valve cover are the rest of the parts to complete the engine still available?
  20. Dparo

    New 1FZ shortblock

    I mean I may just order one and throw it on the stand and assemble it over time. Mine has 300k now.
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