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    New Brake Lines (Body to Axle)

    3 of the 4 lines are for the front, 1 each front wheel, one frame to front axle, 1 frame down to rear axle.
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    Rear tail gate

    mine looks like it was made from amby doors, welded together and a plate on the inside to dress it up, amby door hinges welded down below to use it as a tailgate. tire carrier holds it closed, no latches. nice place to sit when its down
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    brake lines?

    my 10/71 takes japanese lines, take the fitting with you, its what i did. the repacement fittings looked slightly different, but the threads were correct.
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    Snow Plow for FJ55

    i would start with a shop selling plows and frames that may do custom work. the one on mine was hung on the frame behind the springs with sliders to balance it ON the springs. didnt look to sturdy to me and i have it off the truck now, will hang it differently if i decide i need it at camp...
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    Any tips, Clutch Master and Slave

    i just did mine, as easy as can be. i also bought the braided hose and prebent tubing from sor, the master and slave from the parts store. when you get them removed, adjust the linkages on each comparing it to the old one and reasemle fill and bleed. only thing that wasnt straight forward was...
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    Long term engine storage

    i just put mystery oil in the cylinders and turn the engine over 2 or 3 times and put the plugs back in, my dakota sat parked for about 10 years outside before i put it back on the road. my fj had the engine out for about 3 years before i found the time to get it up and running. i wouldnt want...
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    Bleeding rear brakes..

    just did a front , did it in place. a couple of weeks ago. found another leak and decided it was time to change all the lines. you bleed it in place starting from the farthest away, drivers back on my 71 and work to the closest. maybe i dont understand the question, but you dont take the axle...
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    Split's 40pics, 'bout time 'eh

    i really like the orange.
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    Driving with hubs locked???

    i used to keep them locked in the winter in a bronco, with all the snow and slush they would freeze up and be difficult to lock when needed, so i just left them locked during the winter. dont see any reason to keep them locked in a warm climate if they arent needed or spring summer and fall for...
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    spring help

    on the ome springs i just put on the rears are arched more than the fronts. i would buy two that are the same if you cant figure out the make
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    Drag link Contacting Shock

    for a thinner bodied shock you might try this place, i had them make me up some coil overs and airs for my dakota convertible last year, hard to find anything for that truck and they custom made them for light money
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    rim verse tire width

    he is looking for the right rims with the proper backspace, i found some at another location that doesnt sell tires. hoping for a package deal, but i dont think he will find the right ones. my truck sat in the mud since 95, the rims on it are junk and i wouldnt trust them. its going to be nice...
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    rim verse tire width

    thanks, thats the chart i needed. seems that an 8 inch rim would be better than the 10 he was telling me i needed.
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    rim verse tire width

    is there a chart for this somewhere. the tire guy told me that i need a 10 inch wide rim to put 33x10.5 swamper radials on. i havent picked the rims up yet from another shop, but i was going to get 8 inch wide. i see folks putting huge tires on small rims, but whats really recommended
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    Name that slave cylinder - identification help

    dont know if this is the best deal, but it looks like what you got...
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    40 build up, not frame off?

    im just working on the basics, my truck came with a blown motor and sat since 95 behind someones house in the woods. swapped the mtor, new brake lines, new oil lines, new clutch and new lines, electrical has been gone over, added an ome lift. getting new rims and tires in the next couple of...
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    Clutch Slave Hose

    i have reused the old washers on brake lines before, if you dont find the right one, you can heat it up with a torch and allow it to air cool to soften the copper for reuse.
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    color ideas for my buildup?

    im going with a burnt/ rusty orange color when i get to painting my 71, maybe in the fall. doing searches lately for orange doesnt bring up many examples. right now its white, was smurf blue. already had that color on another vehicle. i like the orange, maybe with some black worked in here and...
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    Need suggestions for springs

    havent driven it yet, but i just swapped out worn flattened stock springs with 4.75 inch shackles for the manafree OME 2.5 inch kit. same length shackles and it gave me 3 inches extra height in the rear and 2 inches in the front. havent driven it yet, but it looks as stiff as it was with the...
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    Need brake help

    ive always had the best luck with the 2 person method like poser mentioned, with all those bleeders it would be hard to do it any other way IMHO
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