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  1. Tanner H

    SOLD 96 / FZJ80 / NW Colorado - Price Drop

    A 96 triple locked with cloth manual interior for 13k. Regardless of the paint, thats a great deal these days in my opinion. Original paint with that mileage probably would have been rough anyway.
  2. Tanner H

    For Sale Most Recent 80 Series Prices

    It depends on the condition/mileage. The owner of the BAT will review your vehicle and determine if its a no-reserve auction. If he says it would be a no-reserve...he wont allow you place a reserve on it. This covers his ass for the time/effort into putting your rig up for auction.
  3. Tanner H

    For Sale Most Recent 80 Series Prices

    Just ended at 29k. Didnt meet reserve. Purchased in 2021 on Bat for 39k. Pretty solid sign of where things are going in 2023.
  4. Tanner H

    SOLD SoCal - 1994 FZJ80 (Low Miles/CA Car - Full Restoration)

    Whoops sorry I mean to say Bat gets more money than Mud.
  5. Tanner H

    SOLD SoCal - 1994 FZJ80 (Low Miles/CA Car - Full Restoration)

    I just think the high-priced phase is over. Mud still fetches the highest price, but we are seeing BAT cars from 2020/2021 go back up on BAT and not reaching the same prices. Beautiful truck by the way.
  6. Tanner H

    For Sale Most recent 100 series prices

    I'll be putting my 2000 up for sale pretty soon here if anyone is looking for something sold by an enthusiast and not an auction flipper. Rust free California Desert truck with 250k miles. Everything has been replaced within the last 10k miles (timing belt, water pump, steering rack, etc...)
  7. Tanner H

    Another P0420 thread

    Ah thats right, forgot about the bolt on design. Hopefully you can get it sorted out.
  8. Tanner H

    Another P0420 thread

    If you got them from Amazon then I would roll the dice and order another denso sensor to see if that solves your problem. If so, then box up and ship back the defective sensor back to Amazon. How are your smog laws in your area? You can do the spark plug fouler trick. about 20 bucks worth of...
  9. Tanner H

    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    I see a One up in your future.
  10. Tanner H

    Eibach pro-truck lift kit review?

    @gaberelli 2nd clip should have you at about 3'' of lift with factory front bumper. 3rd clip you're probably sitting at ~3.75'' unless i missed something in a previous post. I think 2nd clip on this is the sweet spot. rides great and looks nice and level with the back.
  11. Tanner H

    Steering wheel compatibility PSA

    How's the offset between the two? Do they appear to have the same dimensions from the mounting point? Also, is the overal diameter of the camry wheel smaller? Could just be the angle.
  12. Tanner H

    SOLD 2002 stock 100 series

    Shoot thats a good question that I dont know the answer to.
  13. Tanner H

    SOLD 2002 stock 100 series

    bat will accept your auction but he will most likely list it as no reserve based on the mileage and body damage.
  14. Tanner H

    rear bumper questions

    Someone bought that Ebay bumper and did a pretty in-depth review on here and I dont remember it being positive.
  15. Tanner H

    01 LX 470 - Center Diff Stuck in Locked Mode

    very rare that t-cases fail on these. are you able to switch from hi to lo? if so, then i wouldnt see how your t-case is seized.
  16. Tanner H

    New to Cruisers and this page!

    Did you check a couple blocks down the street? usually they dont make it too far before something fails. All jokes aside, congrats on the new purchase.
  17. Tanner H

    WDYD What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Do you have a better side-profile shot of it? I have visited their site off and on for a couple months but cant pull the trigger on 26 dollar spray paint. But i'm guessing its worth it.
  18. Tanner H

    Parting Out 99 Landcruiser White

    @ranma21 Do you have the a-pillar trim available (photo below) ? also is the front passenger door panel still available and in good condition?
  19. Tanner H

    01 LX 470 - Center Diff Stuck in Locked Mode

    @tyl3rd i've done it on both surfaces. Matter of fact, i did it in the parking lot with the seller when i bought that particular 100 series.
  20. Tanner H

    Squeak from rear over bumps only

    You said you checked the sway bar endlinks but not the bushings holding it to the axle. I would take a look at those as well. I would remove the sway bar and then go on another test drive.
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