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    Motorcycle advice

    The Kawa's and BMW are great machines but not up my alley. I love the stripped down look of the old triumphs. I'm looking for something that looked like a stripped down bike without all the bells. That ducati is beautiful. I looked that bike up and JESUS Gumby you have expensive taste. Ducati...
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    Motorcycle advice

    So i'm moving to phoenix in 3 weeks. I'm garaging the 60 (wahoo finally a garage!!!!). I'm looking for something to make the 3 mile commute a little more economical and enjoyable. It's all local roads and my budget is around $2K. I road a bunch back in texas with most of my time on a 1984...
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    Anyone know of a Local dealership IH8MUD discount?

    Looking to get some wheel studs? Known any dealership that is IH8MUD friendly? thanks patrick
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    Need to get my AC up and running

    Dame sounded like a really easy fix. Already converted to R-134a a while back. Could afford the refilles otherwise. Anyone know a reputable shop???? patrick
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    Need to get my AC up and running

    Anyone know a good AC person? I'll be moving to Phoenix in a couple of months and need to get my AC up and running. I know I've gotta leak, but I don't have the means or the time to fix it. I'm hoping my condensor isn't shot. Thanks, Patrick
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    New Guy

    if ya need help wrenching on her i'm 5 block west of wrigley. I don't have a bunch of free time but if ya need a hand i'll do my best. welcome to the obsession patrick
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    Sorry bought your dog. Best wishes to you and your family. Patrick
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    .030 and .035

    Scott, thanks again. I really appreciate getting those suckers on and thanks for your patients when I was welding. Oh and the shopow is gone. Didn't last too long at my apt. thanks again here is a link to what happened when tried to get home and the fun that ensued...
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    WCLC Wrench Night

    WAHOO... just got off and them sliders are ordered. Scott they'll be at your casa on friday. THanks again everyone for all the help. Much appreciation, Patrick
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    Something is busted, tell me what ya think

    Got in last night pretty late and was too cold to try anything thanks for the help and the offer of services... much appreciated.... Work til 8 tonight, work 24hrs shift wed to thurs, work thirty hr shift of friday/Sat Not too much time to play with her. I emailed scott and he said to bring her...
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    Something is busted, tell me what ya think

    Was about to order the sliders when this happened. Strange grinding noise from front end when coasting. I posted in the main FJ60 forum here Let me know what you think. I am holding...
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    WCLC Wrench Night

    Scott thanks for hosting and putting on another Wrench day. I'll finish a 30hr shift in the Ped ICU at about 1pm on Saturday. If i have any steam left i'll come say hello and lend a hand. Rob, can't wait to see that 62 you got. Question: can a 120V welder attach some trailgear sliders...
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    Another cruiser in your mix.

    Congrats Rob, you totally deserve it. Thanks for all your help with eleanor. Karma.
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    Worth it?

    i i copied it to my email This brush guard came to me w/ my '88 Landcruiser, although it was never installed on the truck. Not even sure if it is for my truck. It is a very heavy duty brush guard w/ a 7" steel i-beam plate for mounting a winch or power take off & other accesories. Frame...
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    Worth it? I've been looking for some way to mount a which to eleanor, but i have no $$$. This seems like a cheap option. What do y'all think? Thanks Patrick
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    Some thing came up at work and I can't make it. Hope y'all have fun. Patrick
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    60 center console. Anybody want it? FREE

    Rob, yup it has the cup holder, but the cup holder has a 1-2 inch crack on the frin of it. Still functions well. Glad I can actually give you something.. I'm on call today/night. How's Wed afternoon for you? I can drop it off after work. Patrick
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    60 center console. Anybody want it? FREE

    I just "built" a center console and don't need the old one anymore. It's grey and it has a couple of cracks. It's free it you want it. if not i'm gonna post it up in the classifieds. I'll post pics up tomorrow. Patrick
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    Possible tech day for Hoosier Cruisers- Windy City invited (except for Phil)

    I'm in to come help and meet y'all. My schedules all jacked up so just post up a date when you get one and i'll see if i'm on call or not. Thanks again for the invite Patrick
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