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  1. tewlman

    found some 40's the other day

    i didnt notice the front brakes nor did I take pics but I will get back on both points, probably sometime over the weekend. Yeah, the guy was cracking me up with the "i think these things have some serious value" bit. They see a cherry, over priced FJ40 on ebay with a buyitnow of 80k and all...
  2. tewlman

    found some 40's the other day

    I got a report of a couple of cruisers sitting in the back lot of a a storage facility from my brother who always has his eye on the lookout for cruisers for me. I called the place to see what they had. 2 late 70's fj40's and a late 60's that my brother didnt see that was abandoned by a...
  3. tewlman

    Builds Halo's New Ride

    inspiring thread! i need to get back to work on my ride. would like to be wheeln by summer... lots of work to do.
  4. tewlman

    John Napier - Brighton Cruisers????

    typical bait and switch...probably doesn't have the $$$ to build then sell and no time to sell then build.
  5. tewlman

    Gave My Old FJ40V away

    so your thinking its a lamo atempt at post padding cause they don't count in chit chat anymore?
  6. tewlman

    Front Axle Rebuild Kit

    got mine from cruiseroutfitters also!
  7. tewlman

    WHat do you think its worth

    hahahahahahahahaha you can't do that much damage he says.
  8. tewlman

    "finished" the 40

    just in case all the other addaboys were not enough, i'll pitch mine in. sweet ride! :cheers: now, lets go hit the trails with it! :D
  9. tewlman

    Parts Catalogue

    i might bid on that, could be handy. if i get it i would gladly copy some pages for anybody
  10. tewlman

    Exhaust tubing sizing???

    yeah, thanks. btw, you should shrink that pic of the ladies and that ugly dude(on your website) and use as your avatar :D
  11. tewlman

    Exhaust tubing sizing???

    great chronicle of your work, and good web site. i like the pic of you blasting the frame in the snow, looks cold as hell. how long did it take you to get where your at know?
  12. tewlman

    My fj45lv

    i like it man. looks great just like it is!
  13. tewlman

    Question about door hinges

    there is also some room to move if you loosen the bolts on the door side. between where it bolts to the body and where it bolts to the door you can get quite a bit of adjustment.
  14. tewlman


    mine started knocking just before it thru a big hunk of rod thru the side of the block. hope its a different knock on yours... now im in middle of frame off restore with sbc conversion
  15. tewlman

    Well, a huge change for me...

    sorry to hear of your loss juke. sold my bike 3 yrs ago, first year after i sold it was no prob, next year still not so bad but starting to get itch. was hoping to build bike this winter, but started unexpected cruiser rebuild, now i really dont have time to think about it. maybe next winter...
  16. tewlman

    A Point Needs To Be Made

    i like to call them the big four these days, but technically toyota is in the top 3!!
  17. tewlman

    I'm outta here! Leaving for AZ Friday!!!!!!!!

    ooohhhhh man.
  18. tewlman

    I'm outta here! Leaving for AZ Friday!!!!!!!!

    i think your right romer, must be a jeep guy. says his best friend is a tubing bender and he just sold him.
  19. tewlman

    I'm outta here! Leaving for AZ Friday!!!!!!!!

    damn poser, you just got dissed by a rookie. you gonna put up with that?
  20. tewlman

    How to read the 2nd odometer

    you can really learn some interesting s*** if you hang out here enuf..
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