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  1. tarbe

    BaT Whose Built 100 (LX) For Sale on BAT?

    That is one sweet truck.
  2. tarbe

    SOLD Tampa Fl 2004 LX 470. 186K clean carfax FL and MO history $12200.....38 service records

    Nice. Wish I was in the market today.
  3. tarbe

    SOLD Kyle, TX 1991 FJ80

    I got excited when I saw this...looks just like my first ever Cruiser....sorry, I also texted you! We bought it in MS and sold it when we lived in Lake Charles, to a couple in Houston. I realize there were probably several hundred this color sold in the Gulf in '91....
  4. tarbe

    SOLD Richmond VA 2003 Land Cruiser SOLD

    Nice truck. Ignore the d u h e.
  5. tarbe

    For Sale 2001 Landcruiser * Wrecked Possible Trail Rig Builder - Houston, TX

    Hate it when a good truck gets smacked by an idiot...sorry you are losing your Cruiser.
  6. tarbe

    SOLD 1998 UZJ100 Land Cruiser for sale in Houston, Texas

    Nice looking rig - well set up. Surprised I haven't seen it around...does it get on the road much? I am near 290/Huffmeister
  7. tarbe

    Dealer 2006 LC 154K miles Houston - not mine

    And Duggy is a member here....
  8. tarbe

    Dealer 2006 LC 154K miles Houston - not mine

    Have to agree...price seems high. By at least $2k.
  9. tarbe

    Too Many Choices...

    I know...first world problems. It did used to be easier, back in the day! So I need a new set of tires for my 100 series. It has a 2" OME lift amd 1" Bora spacers with factory wheels. My duty cycle consists mostly of this: 725 miles of highway from Houston to the Ozarks. Then 3 miles of...
  10. tarbe

    Let's hear it...things you would NEVER do again or do differently.

    I wouldn't buy and hold 40,000 shares of Linn Energy. Ouch!
  11. tarbe

    For Sale BORA 5/8" spacers with longer studs- new 100/200 series

    I'll take these if still available.
  12. tarbe

    what size spacers?

    I was just looking at the Bora spacers on Wheel Adapters, Wheel Spacers, Hub Rings, and much more! | Motorsport Tech and I noticed the website did not differentiate between front and rear. Spooked me, so I backed out! Did I miss something on the website?
  13. tarbe

    Oil for lexus lx 470

    Manufacturer recommendations are not made in the interest of engine longevity so much as they are for the compromise between fuel economy, ease of dealer stocking (ie don't have to inventory more types/grades that absolutely necessary) and cost. Me personally - I am much more interested in HTHS...
  14. tarbe


    I put a box of mothballs in my '93 to keep the little buggers from turning the Cruiser into a condo. They tore the cardboard box apart and used it in building their nest!
  15. tarbe

    Disable automatic steering wheel retraction?

    Does this eliminate the irritating motor noise that emanates from the steering column (4X as loud as the air mixer) seemingly every time I start the vehicle...and often every few minutes while driving? I found what appeared to be the fuse for the tilt/telescope, but that fuse also has SRS...
  16. tarbe

    For Sale Locked '93 Trail Cruiser in MO

    On the drive home my wife and I decided this cruiser is worth more to us on the property than in the market - so we are just going to keep it.
  17. tarbe

    For Sale Locked '93 Trail Cruiser in MO

    Was in MO for Thanksgiving and took a bunch of pictures. Will post after I get back to Houston later tonight.
  18. tarbe

    For Sale Locked '93 Trail Cruiser in MO

    Kevin, you may very well be correct!
  19. tarbe

    For Sale Locked '93 Trail Cruiser in MO

    Oh, and guns/gun stuff, welders, tools in general are considered cash in my world. Green stuff not essential. Let's make a deal. :grinpimp:
  20. tarbe

    For Sale Locked '93 Trail Cruiser in MO

    Am I that far off? Nearly 300 views and not even so much as a "you're nuts"! ~$2k for a running cruiser with factory lockers and essentially new BFGs...I thought that was a pretty good deal? Let me have it...:flush:
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