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  1. jabxyz

    AltFuel 2nd tanks

    As long as I'm in town, count me in on the next parts run to Honduras. I never seem to find jack when I get to a salvage yard so maybe my luck will be better with you guys. As to running dual tanks at border crossings, did the Mexican cops say anything that would lead you to believe that...
  2. jabxyz

    AltFuel 2nd tanks

    Charles, First, glad to see that you are back safe and hope that you had a good trip. Second, it's funny that this comes up today. After our last conversation on this topic I was under the rig this morning trying to see if I could fit a second 40 tank under the drivers side, (23 + 23...
  3. jabxyz

    keep blowing fuses....

    This is just weird. Seriously, other guys with 1980 40 series rigs with the same headlight/tailight fuse blowing weirdness at the same time in different parts of the world... Three days ago I just started blowing my tail light fuse approximately 30 minutes after I turned on my headlights...
  4. jabxyz

    Rear Tire Carrier

    That looks great, I really like the design. It is very similar to what I'm having fabbed up here for my rig but with two exceptions; (1) I planned to have two spares, that is one on each side and (2) I planned to have the carrier mounted from the bumper rather than into the body. Again I...
  5. jabxyz

    cargo storage solutions for a 40

    I was thinking of four compartments. For the two closest to the passenger seats I had the same idea (I think) basically have one or two compartments were the doors open towards the roof of the vehicle, maybe with recessed latches. The remaining two compartments would be drawers that would slide...
  6. jabxyz

    cargo storage solutions for a 40

    Alan, Thanks for posting up. It looks like you finished the plywood with something, what did you use? I found this on the web, it sounds like another riff on the same theme: Custom Tie Down Mounts - Trucks 4x4 @
  7. jabxyz

    cargo storage solutions for a 40

    Guys I have been searching the forums and reading up on this topic in the Expedition build section. There are many pics, diagrams and writeups of drawer/storage solutions for 60, 80 and 100 series vehicles. However thus far I haven't been able to come up with similar threads for the 40...
  8. jabxyz

    Passed my Tech and General today

    Bulldog, I am definitely interested in some of the data features but honestly, at this point I'm still trying to figure out what all of the buttons do:o. Eventually, as my understanding of both good practice and the equipment grows, I'll be very interested in fleshing out my understanding of...
  9. jabxyz

    Passed my Tech and General today

    Call sign just showed up My call sign just popped up on the ULS. It is KJ4HQW. It is a mouthful so now I know that I'll be studying hard so that I can get my Extra next month. I want one of those way cool 1x2 vanity call signs which will be a lot easier to use.:grinpimp:
  10. jabxyz

    Passed my Tech and General today

    Well yesterday I went over to HRO and picked up the ARRL study guide for the Extra test and the Antenna book as well. After lurking here and working the search feature two multi band mobile units kept being mentioned with really positive reviews, the Yaesu FT 8900R and the ICOM 706MKIIG. As I...
  11. jabxyz

    source for "diesel" grill emblem?

    What is the OEM emblem made of, metal or plastic?
  12. jabxyz

    Buying tires in South America

    This has always been my fear about buying U.S. made tires here. I feel a bit better now that the owner of the 4x4 tire store here, selling Toyo, Hankook and Maxxis, is a club member and vouches for the quality of his product.
  13. jabxyz

    AltFuel LP Conversion

    Dang too late. Did they do a full conversion or was it converted to run bi-fuel?
  14. jabxyz

    Passed my Tech and General today

    Thanks a lot. Im traveling/camping out in my Dad's basement for a week:D and don't have all my ham stuff with me so I have no idea on the CW requirement. I didn't see any CW on the Extra exam that I took today. I am planning on heading out tommorow to the closest HRO and get a hands on look at...
  15. jabxyz

    HAM radio license

    Hi guys, I'm a mudder who curently lives in Central America but who is born and bred in the DC area. When I get back here at the end of my assignment I anticipate looking you guys up. I just wanted to let you guys know that I just sat for both my Tech and General today over in PG County and...
  16. jabxyz

    Passed my Tech and General today

    I have been studying off and on as time permitted, for about eight weeks now. I used the Dan Romanchick free study guides and the practice tests on Hamtestonline based on the recommendations of fellow mudders. Thank you. I called the VEC who was running a test back in the U.S. near my Dad's...
  17. jabxyz

    The perfect Pan-American Expedition Vehicle

    Holy crap, Is that school bus sprung over?:eek: I though that I saw some unstoppable fast movers around here but nothing with a lift like that.
  18. jabxyz

    The perfect Pan-American Expedition Vehicle

    Ok the morphed 80...interesting but it somehow weirds me out/ As to the OP, whatever happened with these guys, anybody... or maybe they are just lurking here in the shadows...:eek: As funny as parts of this thread are when I have mentioned that the school bus, however modified, was the...
  19. jabxyz

    Parting out a 1970 FJ40

    RK, Thanks my tire carrier worries have been solved. John
  20. jabxyz

    Anybody use this dual battery setup?

    Guys, I was trying to do a comparison between the 12 volt guy package and the Hell Roaring setup and frankly got a little confused. Have any of you guys done a comparison between the two, pros and cons. That would be a big help. Thanks :cheers:
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