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    Nice Rock Crawler

    Check out these Rigs. Tamiya America Item #58405 | RC Toyota Land Cruiser 40 - CR01 Dax
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    Old YT pics

    Cool Pictures!
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    Super Cheap 4Runner

    Sold. Thank you Dax
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    Cheap 4Runner 88 3.0 Auto
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    Super Cheap 4Runner

    Heres the Scoop. Took the 4Runner for a Test Drive last Night. I took a Couple of guys who were interested in the Truck. Things were going great on the Trail. But, on the Way out of the Woods we were Going Across a Field and Buried the Truck to the Bumpers, after Ram Rodding the Truck for an...
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    Motor and Trans to a good home

    Would This Transmission fit my 1998 4Runner 3.0/Automatic? I took some Guys on a Test Drive last Night and Buried my Truck in a Field up to the Bumpers. While Ram Rodding the Hell out of the Truck the Transmission is Slipping in all Forward Gears????? Works in Reverse But wont go Forward??? It...
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    1988 4Runner $1000.00 OBO

    For some Reason, I was just "5 Minutes Ago" now Able to find it. I used "1988 4Runner" and now it Pops up..........Maybe it takes a Little While for them to post it, I don't Know. Thank you for Looking Jutty! Dax
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    1988 4Runner $1000.00 OBO

    I just "attempted" to throw this thing on ebay. If anybody gets a Chance, Could you attempt to Find it on there? It comes up in "myebay" But, I could not Search and find it in "1988 4Runner" for Example?????? Or 4Runner ETC. LMK Thank You Dax
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    1981 FJ40 in Seattle

    Toyota Aztek Blue.
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    I did it agian

    I know...............Trade my POS 4Runner for Your $400.00 Gem:popcorn: Dax
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    86 4Runner - $1000 obo in AZ

    Interior pics to did you get the Headlights Fixed? Are you in Chandler. LMK Dax
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    Exhaust Shop

    Mad Hatter on Sullivant "super close to Demorest" did a Cat back on my 4 Runner for Like $100.00! I was in and out in an Hour, with a Nice Quiet Truck. Dax
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    April 14th Ohio4x4 Novice Ride at Tar..

    Hopefully I will have a Trail Worthy Truck by then. Dax
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    $600.00 4Runner in Galloway Ohio

    1988 I am Getting another Truck and Need to make Room.
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    1988 4Runner $1000.00 OBO

    Front Hubs not Locking in Now.......Frozen????? $600.00 Takes it. Good Summertime Woods Machine. Heading to Ebay soon. Dax 614-746-4537
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    IFS Hubs not Engaging

    Thanks short bus. Let me disassemble the ones I got and see whats going on. Mark Vanmeter says they are Pretty Simple to work on. Springs can be Very Very scary though. Dax
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    IFS Hubs not Engaging

    Yes they are. I noticed they were very hard to twist into "Lock" Position.
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    Flipped the 80

    Good to hear you guys got out of that without getting "Too Beat up". Dog probably won't be "Cruisin" with you for awhile. Just kidding, Glad you guys are OK Though.
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    IFS Hubs not Engaging

    Went for a Drive last night in the Runner and the Front Hubs Would'nt Engage? CV's are Spinning but no Power getting to the Wheels? Did'nt Look good for the old Runner to be Spinning at 6000 RPM in the Court where they make Fun of my Trucks all Summer. Wannabe Yuppies got me this Time.......Fawkers.
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    400$ 62

    Definitely a "Fun House" Check out all Them Toys Everywhere!
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