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  1. takeitforgranite

    Parting out 1984 FJ 60

    I assume that was an aussie upgrade? Those lucky bastards. How much for the rusted nail shipped to reno? Also, willing to trade for rusted hacksaw found inside front valence, or various lizard skeletons from Guam?
  2. takeitforgranite

    Parting out 1984 FJ 60

    Dibs on pine needles, rust, and cobwebs (will pay extra for spider). I believe those were all OEM, right?
  3. takeitforgranite

    Parting out 88 FJ62

    Dibs on the grab bar. Please! And I'd love the front emblem/grill, if it's in excellent shape... mine has yellowed and cracked. :(
  4. takeitforgranite

    Parting out 83 FJ 60 Stockton CA

    Hey, man - new on the board, just picked up my 60 today. What happened to your rig? Looks like a heartbreak. Trying to find a tailgate, if it's in good shape with no rust. I'll pick up, I'm from Reno. Also, front doors and possibly the seats - not sure about the seats, though. What would be...
  5. takeitforgranite

    Parting '85 FJ60 Colorado

    Still parting out? If so, I just picked up a new (to me) 60, and in my quick perusal of the engine compartment, I've found I need a headlight washer reservoir. Don't need the pump, hoses, or relays/wiring/what have you, just the plastic reservoir. Have one?
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