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  1. gotmud

    Radiator Blows Its Top!

    If your belts were busted before everything happened your dash would have been lit up like a Christmas tree.
  2. gotmud

    Steering damper has fluid leak?

    Well, it is 15 years old. Do you still have your OEM shocks from 1997? Chances are the seals are starting to leak on the stabilizer, and it needs replaced. Since these wear out gradually, you'll likely not notice any change. replace it with an OME and be done with it. As for the front knuckles...
  3. gotmud

    Brake overhaul: If you questioned it, do it!!

    One thing to keep in mind with after-market rebuilt items such as cailpers, they may use OEM castings but they are "rebuilt" with after market seals, gaskets, etc... Toyota rebuilts are rebuilt for Toyota using OEM parts during the rebuilding process. I don't know of this being a big deal with...
  4. gotmud

    Reuse my front wheel bearings?

    From the description you've given, it sounds like the bearings are still in serviceable condition. Clean and inspect, look at the cages too and make sure they're not chewed up. Repack and drive on.
  5. gotmud

    Pictures of silver powder coated factory alloys?

    Doug, if you're looking for the closest powder coat match to the OEM color, use DuPont Silver Star Metallic. If the place you use to PC your wheels has access to Silberline products, they can add SILBERCOTE® PC 8153X Aluminum Pigment to the dry powder before it's sprayed which will give it a...
  6. gotmud

    Aftermarket A/C Compressors

    I can think of at least a dozen "new" Denso's (non-Toyota sourced) I've installed over the last 12 months. No come backs on any of them. In fact, the only compressors I've had issues with are the reman'd Denso that are marketed by A1, 4 Seasons, et al. Granted a dozen samples is far from...
  7. gotmud

    Post your battery brand, type, size, and age for comparison.

    Both the 93 & 94 run dual Toyota (aka Interstate) group 27's & 27F's. Price is better than buying from Interstate, decent warranty and hold up pretty well even here in Phoenix.
  8. gotmud


    I had a similar issue a couple months back. Took a few weeks to get a response.:meh:
  9. gotmud

    Caster Correction bushings - experince and notes

    Good tip for those who don't have a press! I use an old 50 ton Dake shop press for removing/installing bushings which is nothing for this size press. But the noise it makes when these bushings finally move still gets my attention!
  10. gotmud

    Antifreeze question

    Generally speaking it is best to refill with the same coolant you have in the system.
  11. gotmud

    A/C issue

    Even if the humidity is not too high, condensate can freeze on the evaporator. This happens even here in Phoenix where 3-5% humidity is common.
  12. gotmud

    Rear Shock Replacement Question

    X2 on returning it for the right unit. Only fix would be to sleeve it with a small piece of tube.
  13. gotmud

    How do I replace the plastic headrest guides/inserts?

    The leather pulls off after you remove a few hog rings. You might try an upholstery shop if the aggrevation level gets too high!
  14. gotmud

    My black project

    First off, welcome to 'Mud! I'm not one for shortcuts, especially on an unknown rig. Nothing wrong with taking the intake off first. Be sure to clean that thing real well before you put it back on. They tend to get plugged up with carbon over time. Depending on your financial situation, now...
  15. gotmud

    How To Fix Swinging Mirror, Caused By Broken Post

    Great fix!
  16. gotmud

    quick master cylinder question

    About 6.75"
  17. gotmud

    Lit up like a christmas tree :(

    Depending on your access to tools and :banana: ability, you could have probably resolved this issue on your own. If you chose to make it someone else's problem, that's a different story. All of us have probably been a little over zealous cleaning the engine bay and had the same thing (or...
  18. gotmud

    A/C issue

    You may have overcharged the system. If this is the case, your high pressure switch may cut the compressor out. Although not common, overcharging could be making the evaporator temp too cold causing the thermistor to shut things down until the temp increases. This could also be the case if the...
  19. gotmud

    BFG Rugged Terrain--any reviews?

    I had a set when they first came out in the early 90's. I wasn't impressed with their durability. However, I'm sure the tire has been updated since then.
  20. gotmud

    Name That Wheel

    Find the right wheel and get it powder coated to the color of your choice.
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