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    Silver FJC with Old Man Emu Lift with 285x70x17

    Someone asked, but I didn't see a reply. Where did the step/rails come from?
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    Mpg ?

    FJ mpg All my mileage has been approx. 90% city, 10% highway. I'm getting over 18 mpg, running premium. No problems so far, except a noise (grrrrrrrck) when pulling the inside driver's side front door handle. Everything else is great.
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    bought my voodoo blue on 3/25/06

    Roof rack issues I've got the same noise(s). Part of it is a rattle. Tightening things to the max helps some. A thin rubber gasket will help. The rest is wind noise. I'm hoping repositioning the crossbars will help. If not, off they come until needed.
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    "Official" FJC Pricing comments thread....

    Price variable in SW Florida I posted this in a reply to another message, but will repeat the info here. I bought the first FJC at Cramer Toyota in Venice, FL a week ago, and paid MSRP. Today I visited a Toyota dealer not far north. They are selling their FJC inventory at MSRP+$7995 ("market...
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    MSRP + Premium slowly going least in N. Texas

    Dealer Premiums (and not) in SW Florida FYI in SW Florida, I bought mine last week at Cramer Toyota in Venice, Florida. It was their first FJC, and was sold at MSRP. The one currently in their showroom (already sold) went at MSRP. Not far north the local Toyota dealer is adding a $7995 (again...
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    FJ Cruiser Magazine

    FJC Mag My dealer gave me a copy as I was completing sales paperwork today. It's good. Lots of info. The price was right (free).
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    Delivery in SW Florida

    Mine's in. It left Jacksonville yesterday, and arrived at the dealer this afternoon. Timing was perfect. I was able to crawl around it, and take it for a spin. I miss my '97 Land Cruiser, but this was very good. Totally Toyota. I'll go in to complete the paperwork tomorrow morning. Photos are...
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    Deliveries in SW Florida

    Will provide an update from SW Florida. My dealer in Venice phoned this morning to say my vehicle was on a delivery truck departing Jacksonville today. It could be with them as early as this evening (no truck visible on the lot as of 3:30 pm), and as late as Saturday. My insurance agent has been...
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    I need an opinion on FJ Roofrack-

    Roof rack is an accessory It's a US$599 accessory. It's on my vehicle info sheet.
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    Delivery date for FJC?

    Deliveries in SW Florida I put down a deposit at a SW Florida dealership last week. The dealer had just learned he had a Voodoo Blue 4x4 AT FJC scheduled for delivery on 13 March. He arranged a swap with another SE Region dealer for a Titanium 4x4, my preference. There was an immediate...
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