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  1. Boynepark76

    Question for new MI FJ40

    Just got back to MI yesterday with a 71 FJ40 I found in FL while down there. I’m gonna do a frame up on it…. I’m so excited! It has a 350 in it with original 3-spd. I’m looking to see if anyone has a 4-spd? I’d like to put a 4-spd in it. Also, do I need a different bellhousing for the 4-spd...
  2. Boynepark76

    40 in estate sale auction

    That was price for previous auction last year of an early 1970s 40. You’re right. This is different auction that is coming up in April of a 1965 40.
  3. Boynepark76

    40 in estate sale auction

    It sold for $3700. Sorry for late reply, but I just joined the forum.
  4. Boynepark76

    For Sale PA Ramsey PTO winch for FJ40 Price reduced

    I have a 65 that has pto and shaft but lost its winch at some point. How much to send to 48855. I don’t need the shaft. Thanks. Rob
  5. Boynepark76

    For Sale NE PA 3/4 tub Reduced to $1000

    I’m interested in this tub. I’m new to forum and have a running 78 and am restoring a 73 and 65. Does this tub have std support brackets underneath? Please call me or text at 989-350-8827. Thx. Rob
  6. Boynepark76

    Intro w/ 78, 73 & 64 FJs

    I’m new to the forum. I bought My first FJ40 about 2 yrs ago and just did a frame swap on it. I’m still trying to figure out the wiring… I bought my second FJ40 about a year ago. It’s a 73. And then, I came across a 1964 about a month ago. It sat in a field for about 20+ years. I love...
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