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  1. FJ60_cruiser

    Temp Gauge?

    Hi, mine runs 1/4 from the c mark since I got it and is been fine always. The thing is that it doesn't have any thermostat never... so I have a few questions: 1) how bad is not having a thermostat 2) do you guys recommend me to install a thermostat? PD: the thing is that where I live is...
  2. FJ60_cruiser

    '85 FJ60 dilemma

    sorry to bother but I was going to say the same thing zack1978 said: I woudn't drive that clean cruiser in Winter... well back to the theme I would suggest a vortec but if you only drive it on Winter which I woudn't haha I'd say to stay at the Toyota side and find one used or rebuild...
  3. FJ60_cruiser

    The Machinist's "Project" Thread: 86' FJ60 [Lots Of Pics]

    I've been having the same problem with my power steering on the same situations and when i give gas it gets a little bit better so i guess my power steering mis al so failing? What can i do about ir? Sorry for hijacking. Cool thread you have here! Your spark plugs doesn't seem too bar...
  4. FJ60_cruiser

    Tencha HJ-60

    Cool vídeo tapage! Some serious mudding! Saludos desde Venezuela
  5. FJ60_cruiser

    Seat Belts

    Thank's i'll try top find new ones...
  6. FJ60_cruiser

    Seat Belts

    Sorry for the hijack but my seat belts won't lock up when braking or doing any agresive move... what would the problem be?
  7. FJ60_cruiser

    Toyota killing off 70 series

    I just don't understand how Toyota would kill the 70 series for some stupid reasons like electronics and abs etc... from what i understand there is a big market for the 70 series around te world... for example here in Venezuela ALL the goberment trucks are troopys even though Toyota Venezuela...
  8. FJ60_cruiser

    Why every 60 should have a v8

    Also there is the braking upgrade, I can't imagine my 60 with that amount of power and not being able to stop it :eek: I honestly don't know how you guys do to stop your vortec 60's. The 60 series brakes are awful....
  9. FJ60_cruiser

    Why every 60 should have a v8

    I've been reading some v8 swaps and would like or at least i'm considering one if i don't sell the truck soon because of the rust issues... been thinking on changing my old 60 for a 05 fzj71.. anyway to talk about the thread here in Venezuela we often do wheeling trips outside the city so...
  10. FJ60_cruiser

    Registry 60-series Registry

    Awesome 62 btuman! Dream truck... all it needs is ome lift and some 33's and maybe a bumber and winch? I can't beleive the condition in your truck! I'll buy it anytime! Cheers!
  11. FJ60_cruiser

    My new rig....what do you think?

    Really nice 60! Lo ve the rims and arb bumper! Seems like is really clean, congrats!
  12. FJ60_cruiser

    Snorkel question

    I've seen a few here in Venezuela and they look really good! A friend of mine has one on a XJ and he is really happy with it and the way it's manufactured seems really good quality and even comes with the same parts as the safari! Even the materials look pretty decent... the only diference is...
  13. FJ60_cruiser

    How efficient is YOUR a/c?

    Really Cool thread!! I've been wondering this every day when it gets hot here in my city wich is almost all the year... I have relatively all my a/c parts new with a year ir so and I don't understand how my a/c on a hot day (33°c) won't work... I know is a big truck but when it's hot is really...
  14. FJ60_cruiser

    My red 78 fj40 build

    Epa mi pana saludos desde Venezuela! Really cool proyect! Seems like you have some previous experiences with cruisers... keep us posted!
  15. FJ60_cruiser

    Another 85 fj60 Blue #2??

    Awsome build up i wish i had body/paint skills like that! Really cool truck you have there. Keep te updates comming. Congrats!
  16. FJ60_cruiser

    Have water on floor and well.......

    I need to do this really soon as well...
  17. FJ60_cruiser


    Nice looking 60!! Really clean rig! Congrats! Waiting forma te videos
  18. FJ60_cruiser

    Rusty Wagon Rebuild

    Awsome build! Congrats! Some really Cool details like the underseat storage! Nice building skills though
  19. FJ60_cruiser

    Poly Performance Axle Wear

    Now i'm really concerned about my polys... I use my truck everyday as a daily driving. I've be en running them from about a year on the street and offroad and for now they feel really good and never had any problems.. we'll see what happends...
  20. FJ60_cruiser


    Ram mounts, several 4wd stores sell them here in vzla.. heres one that sells in usa
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