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  1. matt 105

    Toyota V12 into 105

    What ever happened to this?
  2. matt 105

    ARB Bullbar Questions 98-02 "vs" 03+

    Id like to put a 02 on, deluxe or commercial bar on a 2001, but ARB cannot tell me why I can not.
  3. matt 105

    ARB Bullbar Questions 98-02 "vs" 03+

    Hi. Link wont open. What does it take to fit?
  4. matt 105

    Steering pump rebuild

    Pay it forward...... If you have the early pump, do what ever it takes to take the pulley off, in the car. The bolt going in from the front wasn't much fun to get out or in with the pulley in place. There 4 holes in it that you could jag a tool thou to stop it rotating while you undo the nut...
  5. matt 105

    Steering pump rebuild

  6. matt 105

    Steering pump rebuild

    Come on, Mud. Surely some one has done this before.
  7. matt 105

    Steering pump rebuild

    G'day. Anyone rebuilt their UZJ100 steering vane pump, yet? Mine is an early one, and a bit different to the one in my manual. Anyone got any tips or pics? I had a search, but couldnt find anything. Anyone got some pages from the FSM they can post up? Cheers Matt
  8. matt 105

    Pulling the seized AC Compressor

    Yes mate, It fits up the top. I removed the oil filter for access.
  9. matt 105

    Help 100 series 99 air conditioner compressor replace?

    I got mine out and in without pulling the CV. It fitted up, past the radiator. I took the oil filter off for access.
  10. matt 105

    100 ifs "touring turtle" project build

    Well, It only took 7 years, but Ive got one, now. My wife NEEDS a 4.7Liter V8 ute to drive about 1 Mile to work in. Ill put my ARB bar that fits an 8274 on it one day.
  11. matt 105

    antenna relay bad...want to bypass for manual control

    Bump - for full manual control.
  12. matt 105

    Steering Rack Boot Question

    The PO used cable ties, who knows how long ago. I used cable ties 3 years ago on the same boots. No problems yet. Cable ties are fine.
  13. matt 105

    M12000 in ARB 03+, wire rope spooling visibility question

    Be proactive and get the solenoid now. I put mine in the RHS side wing of the bar, and mounted the Warn remote plug to some 2" x 3/16 plate I bolted to the front of the hole for the control box. I like to see the cable wind on, and having the remote plug in the center of the bar looks nice as well.
  14. matt 105

    tailgate cover...aluminum and easy

    I used some 3mm thick, 5 bar chequer alluminium sheet - it was free. I secured it with rivnuts in every 2nd original hole, and M6 stainless domed socket head cap screws. I cut it with a jigsaw and trimmed it with some rubber edge section. It only gets warm when the sun is straight on it, but...
  15. matt 105

    antenna relay bad...want to bypass for manual control

    As soon as the relay gets that 12v signal, the antenna goes up.
  16. matt 105

    Replacing lower control arm "No. 2 Bushing"

    I used a 1/2" x 9" bolt, but some threaded rod would do. The sockets were 3/4 drive - 41mm and 35mm with a 54mm OD and 46mm OD. You just need to destroy the flanged end of the old bush (or use a bigger socket) but Im sure you have a new bush ready to fit. This job really was not a big deal - in...
  17. matt 105

    Replacing lower control arm "No. 2 Bushing"

    I pressed mine out and the new ones in with a long 1/2" (or so) bolt and 2 sockets- no cutting. I bent over the flange on the old bush so my larger socket would better sit against the chassis. They pressed out and in easily. Once the old ones were out, you could see how fatigued they were. Set...
  18. matt 105

    real time lower control arm

    I did the first side only dropping the the upper ball joint. It was a PITA to get the CV out and in. The other side, I split the lower ball joint (took 2 minutes) but made the job much easier and quicker overall. Next time I will split the lower ball joint again, straight away - so much easier-...
  19. matt 105

    OEM rear bumper cost

    Steel ones dont pop back out.
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