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    For Sale 2007 LX470

    Great to see another beautiful rust free truck. Make sure the new owner uses fluid film to keep it sparkling rust free clean, no matter where they reside;)
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    For Sale 2007 Land Cruiser - Blown Engine (Dallas, Texas)

    Awesome, now enjoy it Mark it as sold since you wasted people’s time for six months.
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    SOLD High Point, NC: 2006 LX470

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    For Sale Charleston, SC: 2001 Lexus LX470 RUST FREE

    Had first refusal, and it was very nice just no ahc which I wanted Next guy bought. Was a Great buy imo! Someone will chime in soon I’m sure
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    SOLD High Point, NC: 2006 LX470

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    Wanted Top dollar for your BLACK 06-07 LX/LC

    I will expect a clearly and well written apology in my inbox. Thanks!
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    Wanted Top dollar for your BLACK 06-07 LX/LC

    This is the ad I linked from the craigslist app. Person took lots of pics, says no rust but there is some, but it’s a black low mileage vehicle that may be a good start IF IN FACT it is a good ad. For those of us that spend lots of money on eBay and craigslist, it does take some work to spot the...
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    For Sale 2001 LX470 - CA - REDUCED

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