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  1. 73fj40lc

    New Radiator - do I paint it ?

    No you won't but your balls definitely be cooler. Your sperm will thank you for not giving them a heat stroke... :flipoff2:
  2. 73fj40lc

    Sell or hold ?

    Mark, I am envious of some of your hats. You have so many that you do so well. I always feel that I am a Jack of all trades and a master of none. You on the other hand are a Jack of all trades and a master of quite a few. Your ability to turn a phrase and the ability to so accurately put your...
  3. 73fj40lc

    Builds Hard Ways - Rigger's 1969 FJ40

    I really like that your 40 is from 8/1969. I would love to have one of that exact same age. Very good things came into existence that month right at 50 years ago. It could also be that on the 26th of that month almost half a century ago that I came into existence....:cheers::flipoff2: I am glad...
  4. 73fj40lc

    This is pretty damn cool... Watch it! :)

    Other than the music the next main issue that I had was them climbing like two monkeys on that 40. What part of a beautifully restored 40 did those two chicks not get? Hey beautiful paint job on this 40 so let's climb all over it with our shoes on so we can really scratch it up really good. Damn...
  5. 73fj40lc

    Ha oh

    I don't know about "wider" in relation to women but busty is definitely an advantage in my view. Wider in the rear is definitely a negative.
  6. 73fj40lc

    Ha oh

    X2.... The Cruiser Gods will not be mocked with such blasphemy!!!!!! Sell now before they come for you.... :flipoff2:
  7. 73fj40lc

    really stuck rusted in window hinge

    I recommend the impact screwdriver with Kroil then if that fails my next go to is the air chisel attachment to loosen stuck bolts and screws. I have an attachment for bolts and screws. You use your air chisel and the attachment. The impacts from the air chisel helps fully seat the screwdriver...
  8. 73fj40lc

    Landcruiser Museum visit

    I would love to go but I just can't bring myself to go yet. It would cost me too much $$$ going through the museum and getting ideas of things to do to my 40. I don't need any inspiration because my imagination is already too active compared to my wallet. I have to say focused on my 401k just a...
  9. 73fj40lc

    dash pad for 1971 fj40

    You can find people selling used dashpads all the time. Or you can go new oem. OEM Dash Pad for Land Cruiser FJ40 Or a high quality aftermarket that many say they like better than new OEM. There are...
  10. 73fj40lc

    1962 FJ40 Lifted Complete

    Does this lift make my tires look small? No, honey your tires are perfect.:rofl::flipoff2:
  11. 73fj40lc

    Best center console for FJ40 with bucket seats?

    I actually don't remember where I got my Tuffy console from now it has been over a decade now. Tuffy consoles are sold by many different sites online. I would just shop for the best price that I could find. I have the Series II Security Console but there is a model available for your stereo like...
  12. 73fj40lc

    Best center console for FJ40 with bucket seats?

    I have a 73 with bucket seats and a Tuffy Console. I absolutely love the console and it is very well made. It almost looks factory if you didn't know better. It fits well without taking up too much space. The only thing the 73's OEM console was really good for was looking OEM because it wasn't...
  13. 73fj40lc

    Some people just try harder

    Mark, I know you probably see the crazy stuff that PO do pretty frequently. Luckily my 40's PO didn't go completely crazy on it. I have spent hours undoing some minor things that weren't done properly or neat. The craziest thing that a PO did to my 40 was to completely cut out my glove...
  14. 73fj40lc

    Warn 8274 decals

    Warn has excellent customer service. I ordered several small parts to freshen up my winches while rebuilding one of my XD9000i. The customer service rep asked me what problems I was having. When I explained that after long years of use I was just tearing them down to check the internals, doing...
  15. 73fj40lc

    Anybody! Know where or making the Apron Wedges?

    Of course the amber lense has been discontinued for a good while. The front wedge rubber gasket was still available from Toyota unless they just discontinued it. I picked up everything OEM from Toyota to completely rebuild mine a little while back and everything was still available front and...
  16. 73fj40lc

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Yes it was on there when I bought the 40 and I didn't remove it. It comes in handy at times. I have a green led bulb in it so it is bright but doesn't blind you when it is on.
  17. 73fj40lc

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Man that does look good. Having the thicker wheel has to feel good to hang onto. At first I just did a quick glance at your photo. I had to quickly do a double take to make sure that wasn't my photo. We have a lot of the similar look in our 40's other than the year differences. :cheers:
  18. 73fj40lc

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    One down and one left to go. Digging the look and feel even better once back in the 40.
  19. 73fj40lc

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    They are from Wheelskins and I found them cheaper on Ebay than buying direct from Wheelskins. The Ebay store places the order and the cover is shipped directly from Wheelskins. Wheelskins website claims that for these steering wheels you need the BX size and that is incorrect. If you get the BX...
  20. 73fj40lc

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Well I have sore hands now from lacing the last steering wheel. Glad to have that done. All I have to do now is wait on the horn pad that I ordered and reinstall. Overall I think both steering wheels came out really well. I like the feel of the leather cover a lot better than the plastic. It...
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