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  1. jomo80

    1991 What is this dash plug?

    Thanks! I'll close it back up. I didn't want to have accidentally pulled something apart. I am pretty used to fixing one thing and breaking two
  2. jomo80

    1991 What is this dash plug?

    Sorry I was trying to show off the wire colors. Here are all sides. 3 new items by Daniel Koucky -
  3. jomo80

    1991 What is this dash plug?

    My (aftermarket) radio was wanting to fall out of the dash and when I pulled it out, I found this plug that does not go to the stereo. I don't see the male side, but I want to be sure I didn't mess anything up before I shore up the stereo bracket. and close the dash back up.
  4. jomo80

    Center diff lock not disengaging

    I have the same issue on a 91. I've read a lot of threads but can't find a good step by trouble shooting guide. How did you find out it was the relay? I don't want to just throw parts at it.
  5. jomo80

    Thinking of Selling my 91

    Hi Guys, I bought this car because I like the look and feel of it but I have never been a full-on Toyota enthusiast, so I am not 100% sure what I have or don't have. Is there a good resource I can review before I post this so I'll be ready to answer all the questions anyone might ask?
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