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  1. Pitbull1981

    OPERATION HOOD VENT LOUVERS for 80-Series with

    So did anyone install the JK ‘13? Easy or hard, roughly how long did it take?
  2. Pitbull1981

    ATV Ramos as Roof Rack

    I know it might not be the prettiest, but has anyone considered or tried using the aluminum atv ramps as a flat roof rack? 80” x 54 x 1.5? Only a few hundred bucks and would easily mount to any cross beams.
  3. Pitbull1981

    Wheels - Anyone have old links

    Hi, Can’t find rim sizes for a 1990 HDJ81 ? What other vehicles have a matching pattern? Anyone have an older link in here I can review? Looking to match my trailer to my rig. TIA
  4. Pitbull1981

    Fuel Economy and Reliability

    Hi group, Wondering if anyone knows the difference in fuel economy as well as reliability between the diesel and the inline 6 for the 91/92 VX Cruiser? On a vehicle with under 200k is there anything I need to look out for? Also any idea on the cost and effort to add lockers to a center locked...
  5. Pitbull1981

    Considering purchasing a turbo diesel 80 series

    Looking also to buy a Land Cruiser, turbo diesel as well. The one I am looking at only has the center diff lock and not triple locked. Is this going to be an issue for off-roading? How is the fuel mileage on these vs the gas engine? How hard is sourcing parts?
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