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    Paper 4 speed transmission gaskets - replace with FIP?

    Edelbrock Gaskacinch, basically a light glue, helps seal paper gaskets, yet applies super thin and easily scrapes off after disassembly years later. I've often just used a fingernail to peel off years-old Gaskacinch residue. Keep the lid tight to prevent pre-mature dry-out.
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    2F Compression question

    Aren't OEM compression values for when the engine is at operating temp? Meaning those #s would improve @ operating temps? If you run it, pls run the comp test again at operating temps to see what increase in compression #s occurs. And post 'em up. :)
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    Alternator help

    And, if money is no object: 12v LED Headlamp catalog
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    Alternator help

    10 55w halogens!! May I suggest substituting far fewer LED lamps. Most LED lamps draw few amps with superior lumen output compared to similar halogens. Also long lasting. Would help reduce total amp load. These folks make tough LED lamps: Rigid Industries An internet search on "off-road...
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    the annoying fuel tank conundrum /w special guest my 74 fj40 project

    I use thick, rubber impregnated camper shell (topper) cushioned tape under the tank.
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    Newbie Question/Brakes, Wheel Bearings?

    I think the following Cruiser parts, repair, and restoration vendor provides some pertinent info about pre-1970 FJ brakes:
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    FJ40 Fendor Flares

    Agree. Not bad. Wish they didn't use sideways pocket bolt mounting. Too J**p-like. Any idea what material? Would suck if they just crack when rubbed/bumped.
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    Need advice from cam experts

    Will the roller bearings receive adequate oiling in the 2F? Splash oiling? Pressurized oiling? Any special block machining required? I imagine the sub 4000 rpm "reasonable, common sense" operating range of the 2F would be less oiling needs than a 6k-plus SBC. Edit: Nevermind. I just...
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    Spring flip SUA ruins your handling?

    I think a shackle reversal stresses the front driveshaft under significant droop when the same droop with OEM front shackle set up doesn't. Jim C explains better: "shackle-reason
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    POR 15 bedliner?

    Never heard of it, but I wanted to know what POR-15 offered for a bed coating. So, I searched POR-15's site to find the link you should of posted :D j/k :) Interesting new product. It's called POW-R-LINER. This statement concerns me: " POW-R-LINER™ is engineered to be applied on top...
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    billet nose cones.............maybe!

    ^^^^^ :lol::lol: ttt :cool:
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    Axle Pitfalls

    For the rear axle, how 'bout using an Eaton H052 FF axle out of a 67-72 GMC/Chevy truck? Mounting "hole" for drop out 3rd is already offset to center in the truck the offset pinion. Swap the housing around, stick the 3rd out the back that is now the front and Whalla! Instant offset axle for...
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    Carburetor Question... 283 motor.

    Try changing the little in carb fuel filter first. Run it, then change any inline filters. $6 total cost, so far.
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    Biggest winch size?

    I wish OPs would clarify their intentions up front. What a waste of a thread.
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    How many hoses have you been through?

    Hmmm... Could plugged tubes in the rad's core cause enough pressure to blow upper hoses? If you have access to a temp reader, check for cool spots on the core when eng at operating temp.
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    78 rotors to 74 drums?

    Same answer. Fine spline 78 pinion stronger than 74's.
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    PLEASE: need help with brake problem!

    I'll throw another one out there. :rolleyes: :D I re-read all your posts and noticed you posted that you bled the thing "to death", but you never said that you bled the master. Air in the master could affect only the front brakes. Any pedal symtoms?
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    Aluminum Rear Disc Brake Bracket

    Alum would provide less sprung weight at the expense of strength against stress breaking/cracking. Note how aluminum trailers for heavy use, like car haulers, need careful engineering to include the use of well placed bracing to keep the trailer frame from eventually cracking or breaking under...
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    PLEASE: need help with brake problem!

    So, you did get around to checking the rear T? Are all your hard lines and hose connections anchored? Maybe try pushing/pouring some fluid though each section of rear line once removed? Blow out with air? Give up golf and get serious? (j/k :D)
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    Power steering too light

    Yeah, I'm surprised no one asked what size steering wheel is installed. jcolvin, do you have the stock BJ40 steering wheel? If not, what diameter? A quality saginaw steering install usually makes most folks want a smaller wheel for better road feel (i.e. not touchy), hand comfort, and...
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