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  1. topend yobbo

    Builds ROTW Top end yobbo

    Ever do it?
  2. topend yobbo

    Builds ROTW Top end yobbo

    G'day again lads , any more barn door peeps on here? My old wagon is still going strong , as usual. Hows all the petty 80's going?
  3. topend yobbo

    Builds ROTW Top end yobbo

    Nice car mate.:beer:
  4. topend yobbo

    Builds ROTW Top end yobbo

    Wet season is kicking in lads , mud time everywhere.:grinpimp:
  5. topend yobbo

    Flushing Radiator

    Crikeys you blokes make easy jobs seem hard. RAD FLUSH THE SIMPLE WAY. 1.Turn heater tap to heat. 2.Remove rad cap and 1x heater hose.'The one with a REMOVABLE hose clamp.' 3.Stick garden hose in said heater hose and turn on full ball. 4.Dirty water will come out of rad and heater outlet...
  6. topend yobbo

    Builds ROTW Top end yobbo

    Nice ute mate.:steer:
  7. topend yobbo

    Builds ROTW Top end yobbo

    A hello would be nice. Oh well the Aussie forums are going gangbusters. Luv ya's all.
  8. topend yobbo

    Builds ROTW Top end yobbo

    Any new Aussies out there? You regular boys remember me? Still got the old girl and now has a front locker as well. No more rig of the month? Love ya's all and take it any way you can.
  9. topend yobbo

    Gee, there's someting a little off with that diff fluid...

    Glad you had a win mate.
  10. topend yobbo

    Risk of computer damage when arc welding (MIG) ?

    Dissconnect the earth lead off the battery/s.
  11. topend yobbo

    a couple small additions

    Cool mate.
  12. topend yobbo

    Finally got my ARB on and a bunch of other stuff...

    Nice wagon mate. I notice you have two big shackles hanging out of the bottem holes on youre new bullbar. If you are planning on doing snatch or winching recovery's from there, DON'T. There actually designed only for lifting with youre high lift jack, you can buy specific adapters to fit in...
  13. topend yobbo

    Oh how I wish....

    Thats just a troopy, there a dime a dozen over here. The local tribes use them out in the scrub everywhere.
  14. topend yobbo

    My baby has new front rotors...

    Did you use the 100 series front pads? Does the old girl stop better now?
  15. topend yobbo

    dual battery question

    I'm not sure if you are being serious or not but if you look closely you will see a spot in the engine bay at the L/H or R/H front corner thats designed just perfect for a 2nd battery.
  16. topend yobbo

    calling all aussies

    They all come with a subtank over here mate. Big write ups done on this mod in usa not long ago. Never heard of lighted sunvisors though.
  17. topend yobbo

    Toyota Spare tyre Carrier from Ebay

    I recon some of these blokes would love a pic of the bracing that "MAY" be inside the panel. Any chance of a peek in there?
  18. topend yobbo

    Aussie with HZJ80 Series GXL

    Still waiting on those action pics mate.:):popcorn:
  19. topend yobbo

    i had an oopsy

    And you shouldn't post pics of your money box on international forums.L.O.L.
  20. topend yobbo

    i had an oopsy

    Thats nasty mate. One of the local lads up here popped his front pumpkin last week as well. Must be catching.
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