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    mystery truck problem, now brake and electric idiot lights on at low idle

    yes alternator or bad connections at the battery possibly...make sure everything is tight.
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    fj60 non Usa Mirrors

    second in line pending pics please.
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    12ht low boost problem

    maybe some of the vac lines went back in the wrong places? I was trying to get a diagram of the vacuum lines a while back but no one seemed to have one. I had a low boost issue as well and this was the cause. hope this helps. c
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    For Sale 3B '84 low miles barely broke in.

    BRC That was funny! Thanks for the laugh!!
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    For Sale Award winning Toyota Chinook 4x4 Camper...That's right!

    Thats a sunrader...They made those 4x4 as well but they are even more rare. Very cool little thing!
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    The Iron Mule: 12HT -> FJ60

    Can you give us more info on the red shifter knob lookin boost controller?
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    Cooper Discoverer STT in a 255/85-16?

    Im a big fan of the Toyo M55 255/85-16. Not cheap but a great tire that does it all! c
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    All of a sudden I own a cruiser

    I grew up in Richmond, south side. What a small world :) caleb
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    All of a sudden I own a cruiser

    That looks amazing and what a deal! Do you have the specs on the wheels you put on it? They look like American Racing Mojave Teflons but I cant really tell from the pic....What size and backspacing...Thanks again! More pics! caleb
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    Wanted 60 Gray Dash Pad

    Am I being unrealistic with this desire ? c
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    Broken mount points on back of gauge cluster

    yes this is normal. both of your pictures show why there wouldnt be a mounting point there..the bulb sockets. c
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    all weather floor mats HEXOMATS

    Heres the last pic! caleb
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    all weather floor mats HEXOMATS

    Hello Patrick Here are the pics you sent me of the mats in your truck. They Look great and I will be ordering a set as well! Put me down for a full set in the gray! (Front and Middles) Let em know how to pay. Thanks so much for the quick Pics and response! Caleb
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    Wanted 60 Gray Dash Pad

    Looking for a gray dash pad for a 60 series that is crack/dent free. May be elusive.... Let me know what you have with pics please. I am in SoCal, Thank you. caleb
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    FJ 60 & 62 (Project Rescue Wagon)

    Looking for a crack free dash in gray if you have it. Thanks caleb
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    12ht electrical questions AND Turbo Vac lines Question

    Thanks Tapage! Anyone have a diagram of the vacuum hoses? c
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    12ht electrical questions AND Turbo Vac lines Question

    Hello All, 1: I have recently noticed a plusing in the interior lights when I am driving my truck. The intrument lights and interior lights(if turned on) pluse. I also noticed that the volt gauge on the dash bounces a little as well. Does this suggest the alternator is going bad? I have...
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    Got another to add to the stable

    I hope you talked them down from their asking. Its been posted for a bit. Good buy as you dont see many around. Now get on that rust!
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    60 Series Tailgate Lid “For Sale Thread”

    Hello Kevin Please add me to the list. Thank you. caleb
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    Killer Puddle?

    The puddle was on a street I drive often but had pooled quiet a bit. I knew there were no lurking bicycle tire swallowing man holes! As for hoses loose, I cant seem to find any... I havent looked at the turbo yet. What else could the force of the water messed up? How would the relay check...
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