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  1. Beanzermin

    Rust treatment -GX 470

    I agree! Wire wheel first!
  2. Beanzermin

    Rust treatment -GX 470

    POR15 is going to be your best friend!! They have a 3 step process that is super easy to do. The best in the automotive industry hands down! 1) use the cleaner. Removes oils, and any other contaminants. 2) use the metal prep. It removes the rust and etches the metal. You gotta keep it wet for...
  3. Beanzermin

    Air drying on a budget

    I would just buy one of these dryers from harbor freight. 3/8" Desiccant Dryer with Oil Removal Filter Then run a water trap right before your gun. The ball type filters. Maybe buy a couple just incase 1 fills up so you can swap them out.
  4. Beanzermin

    2000 4Runner - Painting Rear Spoiler/Wind Deflector

    You can sand the wing and just repaint over the existing finish. Where the scratches and scuffs are you may want to use a little primer or putty. Regular spray paint will fade. I would recommend using a single stage paint. It's cheap and easy. There is a company called spraymax. They offer a...
  5. Beanzermin

    Hood adjustment

    You probably have a bent hinge. By the way, you can get the Orange peel out of that paint job with a good cut and buff [emoji6]
  6. Beanzermin

    Finish restoration question

    You are still scratching the paint. Where you sand that still has clear will not show scratches. The clear will fill them. But where your clear has come off and is now open paint, that's where your gonna see the scratches. Because you are sanding the metallics in the paint. They will get messed...
  7. Beanzermin

    Primer questions

    Usually what I'll do is spray the primer. Then head to walmart and buy a $1 spray can of flat black. Gloss tends to clog up the sand paper when you sand. The flat black won't. Just throw a fine mist over the primer. You don't need to have a heavy coat. Then block your primer with 400 grit or 600...
  8. Beanzermin

    Primer questions

    Yeah absolutely! You can repaint over the factory paint too. Only need primer on bare metal and anywhere there is body work or scratches you are trying to cover up.
  9. Beanzermin

    Finish restoration question

    If you sand and just reclear you will see the Sand scratches that are put into the paint. At least throw a coat of base down and then reclear!
  10. Beanzermin

    Pulling out bent rain gutter

    Something with that much work is going to require professional tools. Most of that should come out with a stud gun and slide hammer. As for the drip rail. Good luck. Best think you could do is buy a slide hammer with a hook attachment and pull it out as much as you can. I do not recommend...
  11. Beanzermin

    Finish restoration question

    I wouldn't listen to any of the info given in this thread! The clear coat has failed. You must sand it smooth, prime, repaint, and reclear. In the spots next to the squirters and the spot on the quarter panel the clear is gone and the base is open. Usually when this happens the base starts to...
  12. Beanzermin

    Primer questions

    The difference between etch primer and epoxy primer is the build. Epoxy will etch and is also a good filler primer. The etch primer is just that. An etch. Is is water thin and will give no build. You can either etch, body work, then prime. Or bodywork and then use an epoxy over the top. Epoxy is...
  13. Beanzermin

    3M Headlight Lens Restoration Kit

    Best thing to do for this is wet sand the lights with 600. Purchase a clear coat kit and adhesion promoter from your local auto body supply shop. Apply the adhesion promoter on the plastic lens. Then spray your clear coat. You'll never have a fading issue again! The yellow and frosted looking...
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