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    Catalytic converter?

    Thanks that's what I was thinking.
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    Catalytic converter?

    My 92 fj80 is in need of all new exhaust. I live in a town with no emissions laws. My question is. Do I need to put the cats back on the vehicle? Any input is appreciated. Rick
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    V8 swap

    It's a 99 year model suburban. The main reason. I was considering this is because of the gas mileage and lack of power in the cruiser now. Was wanting to use it as a travel and tow vehicle. Want to take some trips out West and was want the gas mileage.
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    8x Series V8 Swaps

    Does anyone know who I could use in East TN area for this work? I leave between Knoxville and Chattanooga.
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    V8 swap

    Hey guys I have a question about swapping a V8 into my 92 fj80. I own a suburban with a V8 in it. Should I have the original motor rebuilt ,on the FJ, and put back in or should I rebuild the V8 and swap it? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks Rick
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    Wanted 92FL80 Exhaust needed

    I am in search of an exhaust system for my 92 FJ80. Where can I source the parts from. I want to redo the whole system. Thanks in advance for any advice. Rick
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    92 FJ 80

    I have a 92 FJ80 with 243000 miles on it has a factory lift with 33" bfg tires and Mickey Thomson wheels. Everything but the motor tranny and transfer case has been rebuilt or new Toyota parts. The body is clean the paint is good. What in your opionion would be a good price? Rick
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