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  1. CJBury

    Vintage wheeling in PA

    I heard a rumor they may show up in the spring for some wheeling. Shhh.
  2. CJBury

    Happy New Years ALCA!

    You too Bubba.
  3. CJBury

    Pig run at rausch August 24 and 25

    So I made that t-shirt for nothing?:flipoff2:
  4. CJBury

    Pig run 2012

    Got child care for sat. Exhaust leak is being fixed now. Jeeper Jim and I will be up fri night. See if I remember how to drive off road.
  5. CJBury

    Pig run 2012

    We spray painted "Old Fart" on a wife beater for you.
  6. CJBury

    My new toy: 66 FJ40

    Glad you found a buyer,and for more than you wanted. Cheers. Sent from where I be at using IH8MUD
  7. CJBury

    Coal Mine 2012

    I'll be up saturday. Hope you make it Hildy. Been about a year since I have seen all you guys. Will be good to catch up.
  8. CJBury

    Looking for ppl near me...

    I wish I could have made more events this year. Unfortunately I crashed my motorcycle about a month ago and have been on the mend and not able to work on the 80 at all. I have every intention to make the fall crawl at rausch. Hope to see some old and new faces.
  9. CJBury


    I'm out. Not gonna make it this year. Hope to see every one at the fall crawl.
  10. CJBury


    Sweet baby Jesus, I hope not. Burl's half nakedness is enough.
  11. CJBury

    Anthracite adventure park (northumberland) meeting, July 6 - BE THERE!

    YES, YES YES To Northumberland County OHV Recreation Park | Facebook They said if we wanted to check out the property we could schedule a tour. Might be something fun to do.
  12. CJBury

    It's Alive!

    Sure is purdy Bob. Glad to see it back together.
  13. CJBury

    New to me: '66 FJ40

    I still can't believe that is the same pos that Sean wheeled. Nice job.
  14. CJBury


    I guess ill brew a keg of beer then. Any requests?
  15. CJBury


    Is anyone staying at rausch, or is everyone staying at the camp ground?
  16. CJBury

    Any open seats for CMCC

    Just got my schedule. Ill be up at rausch Friday night or Saturday morning at the latest if you want to ride in the war wagon.
  17. CJBury

    Rear sway bar mounts

    I just received a new to me rear sway bar. The frame mounts are different from what I have. The one on my truck is mounted to the bottom of the frame and the new one looks like it bolts to the side of the frame. Are the two types interchangeable?
  18. CJBury

    Wanted rear sway bar fzj80

    I found one. thank you gentlemen for your help. Chris
  19. CJBury

    Wanted rear sway bar fzj80

    Looking for a rear sway bar for my 96 80 series. The closer to Allentown Pennsylvania the better. Shoot me pm if you have one. Thanks, Chris
  20. CJBury

    Local For Sale/Wanted Section!

    sway bar I need a rear sway bar that fits a '96 80 series. If you have one let me know. Thanks, Chris
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