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  1. nikramos

    Good seat cover for 200 series?

    The seat covers are holding really well. I have the same seat covers including the rear on my built 100 that I gave to my son and my 2 grandkids are really testing them. It still looks new with all the abused it has taken. I will be buying them for my 2013 LX and 15 Tundra I bought one for my...
  2. nikramos

    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    I I’m at 195k miles and shop said it was just a defective 9 month old Interstate battery and not the starter. Very honest shop where I will take my other Cruisers from now on
  3. nikramos

    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    Starter Failed. Been sitting at our house at the river so I first thought was just Battery. Found a local Indy shop that works on Cruisers with excellent reviews.
  4. nikramos

    Parting Out Sacramento Ca 1994 FZJ80 .

    I’m new to 80 and need the turn signal light on the ARB bumper. Did this light come from the OEM bumper and just installed to the ARB bumper? If so I need both left and right. I might as well buy the turn signal light below the headlights since mine has a crack on it. I also need the plastic...
  5. nikramos

    Anyone have both LC and LX 200s? Equally refined?

    I have both and each have their own driving dynamics and would use it as such. I find the AHC on the LX handles a lot better than a stock or lifted LC even though the LX feels heavier
  6. nikramos

    200 series picture thread

    Wheeled with Tacomas and a 4Runner in Mendocino and a 200 is wider on a trail. Not sure it will buff out
  7. nikramos

    Monstaliner regrets anyone?

    I just bought this 80 and PO put liner on hood , sides, wheel arches and the steel bumpers, It looks hideous up close and will cost me a lot more to have it removed and painted. Don’t do it. I’d rather wait and drive around with faded paint until I save enough to get a regular paint job.
  8. nikramos

    1h9 Mercury Grey Metallic

    Such a good deal for 1600 especially for a change of color. Might be worth it to cross the Border and have my 80 painted. I don’t like the Bedliner look on mine. I’ll get it reupholstered too while I’m there
  9. nikramos

    Full custom stereo with removable drawer system

    Memory Lane Indeed seeing Punch 45 and 75. I had both amps installed in my 89 Isuzu Trooper back in 1993 powering 3 way RF components up front , 6x9 at the back and a 2 10 inch Bazookas. They were Cheater amps for sure. Can’t wait to see once your done with the install.
  10. nikramos

    What’s everyone driving when you leave your LC home?

    Bought the blue one 3 weeks ago Craigslist and the Silver/black last week here on Mud
  11. nikramos

    What’s everyone driving when you leave your LC home?

    My 100 has always been my daily then gave it to my son last month I then drove the 200 then to save an extra 2mpg I am now driving the stock 200😊. My 80s stay home
  12. nikramos

    Registry 80 Series Registry

  13. nikramos

    Registry 80 Series Registry

    Thank you. Very new to the 80 world so let me just copy the ad. TRD Supercharger 4.88 gears front and rear 3x locked 4” Slee/hybrid Lift Kit. Using OME Shocks, OEM Driveshaft 315/75/16 Goodyear Duratrac (5) with lots of miles left ARB front bumper w/Warn 9000 winch and synthetic line Hannah...
  14. nikramos

    Registry 80 Series Registry

  15. nikramos

    Registry 80 Series Registry

    picked this up
  16. nikramos

    Registry 80 Series Registry

  17. nikramos

    Builds Project Bush Cricket...

    Please show how you mounted the Joying stereo on your dash
  18. nikramos

    Do you daily your “built” 100?

    This built LX was my daily but just gave it to my son last month It is now in Kentucky. Now I daily another built LC but not a 100
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