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    Because the WIFE said I COULDN'T 1973 Frame off

    I would like to think when you have the puller pulled tight rap/smack the sucker with a BFH. That usually shocks things into moving along.
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    Never underestimate the importance of a ground

    I was thinking musk ox pusher big moose on the loose etc
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    Wondering about t stat if its stuck open or if its in there.
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    Snapped distributor shaft?

    I would have to agree there is a alignment gremlin. The only movable object that could possibly be off would be the oil pump. or I am wondering out loud about putting gear paint like used for checking gear patterns. put some on the distributor shaft gear. wondering how deep the cam gear is on...
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    Snapped distributor shaft?

    Question Does the big cap unit fit just fine with no shaft? wondering on tolerances also even though you have checked. There is no way you should be forcing a distributor in they should slide in nicely. But if there has been force applied there should be marks where it is hanging up. I have a...
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    1976 FJ40 Adventure

    sounds almost like a sticky choke butterfly.
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    1976 FJ40 Adventure

    Sounds like a great adventure. Wondering about fuel filter if it was changed? has one?
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    1978 FJ-40 Electrical issues.

    Congrats on resolving the issue.
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    Build My Bad BJ40 1982

    Very Nice!
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    Newbie here

    Welcome aboard Bubba..
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    BamaBleach's FJ40 buildup

    Sweet cage and workmanship!
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    BamaBleach's FJ40 buildup

    Great job on the cage! I take it that the cage will eventually be tied into the frame?
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    Chasing Down Electical Issues?

    Congrats on locating it. Maybe a picture of it can be posted for us to take a peak?
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    1970 FJ40 restoration

    That is super clean, Great job!
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    Chasing Down Electical Issues?

    The trick here what was rewired? Did they go away from stock? That will be the question today.
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    FJ40 '82 Diesel Rebuild in progress

    Very Nice!!
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    Chasing Down Electical Issues?

    As posted locate the fuse block. Using a test light check each side of each fuse for power coming and going. If all is well locate the light switch is there power there? If not track it back towards the fuse block to see where it got lost. If there is power heading out of the light switch then...
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    Dimmer switch

    Ah yes that would do it glued to the floor. It might be ok for now if its working ok just keep a eye on it.
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    fj40 front wheel studs?

    spacers are not a good idea all like posted it creates stress on the studs that may have been compromised previously. Better to buy the correct wheel width offset to match the situation.
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    Brake wheel bad the bore

    Usually the cylinder hone is not going to remove much metal just put a good cross hatch pattern in the bore. There are other sizes of cups available and usually can find one a tad larger if funds are tight.
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