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  1. gotmud

    RTH...Toyota FIPG

    Either Ultra Black or Ultra Grey will work just fine.
  2. gotmud

    P0420 and P0430 - but passes emission test

    You're lucky! Most emissions testing facilities here in the US will give you the finger if your CEL is on.
  3. gotmud

    AHC routine maintenance?

    You're more likely to see worn rear coils than front torsion bars. The weight on the front end tends to be more static. The coils are kinda known for being a little on the soft side. I just replaced a set for a customer that had sagged almost two inches.
  4. gotmud

    drowned lx 470

    When you're ready to crank the engine over, be sure to remove the spark plugs first. This will prevent a nasty surprise in the event water got into the cylinders.
  5. gotmud

    Nice black lc100

  6. gotmud

    landcruiser idle to low.

    You haven't disconnected the battery lately have you? If so, the ECU needs to go through a few start cycles before it's happy again.
  7. gotmud

    Air Conditioner Leaking on Passenger Floor Carpet

    What you're seeing could be the mold/mildew in the drain line.
  8. gotmud

    265, 275, or 285?

    I hope that picture is from LAST year!
  9. gotmud

    UZJ Oil Filter study teaser

    FWIW, I have the 20004 filters for sale as well. 'Mud price is $9.99/each or 89.99/case of 10 - Shipped free of course. I prefer the 20004 due to its size. Much easier to pack spares!
  10. gotmud

    Running CB antenna wiring to rear?

    IIRC, there is a rubber grommet near the LR corner of the vehicle. This leads to the cavity behind the trim panel.
  11. gotmud

    Question for the Mechanics re: wreck

    Many car dealers will spray frames and inner fenders with black paint to make them look better, regardless of whether or not its been in an accident.
  12. gotmud

    What are these switches?

    Say you switch tires and want to run a higher or lower air pressure. You would hold this switch down to make your new pressure the "default" setting so your TMPS light does not come on.
  13. gotmud

    Need Japanese Made Air Filters?

    Any dealer here in the US can get them. Most will tell you it isn't available because it has been supersceded. However, Toyota's main warehouse in Ontario, CA stocks them. Your local dealer may not want to sell you less than a case though. Starting next week, I should have a few cases as well.
  14. gotmud

    What are these switches?

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  15. gotmud

    What are these switches?

    Guess I type too slow!
  16. gotmud

    What are these switches?

    "set" is for yout TPMS "RSCA" = Roll-Sensing-Curtain-Airbags
  17. gotmud

    OEM Pads / Rotors ~ StopTech Break-in Necessary?

    Don't worry about embedding the brake pads into a hot rotor. The bigger concern when bedding in new pads is to not let the rotors get super heated and then come to a stop, as this could cause the rotors to warp. BTW, good luck getting NAPA to cover rotor warpage under warranty. Some will...
  18. gotmud

    What is the meaning

    KR-HDJ101K-RNAGZ translates to the following: HDJ101K-RNAGZ Frame Type: HD101 1HDFTE 4200CC Diesel Turbo Japanese Market Built 4/2007 VXL Trim 5FC ATM, 5-Speed Floor Shift
  19. gotmud

    OEM Pads / Rotors ~ StopTech Break-in Necessary?

    Just curious, why not the OEM rotors?
  20. gotmud

    2'nd battery option for 100 with AHC

    rohitash, I admire what you have accomplished in such a tight spot! My only concern would be the longevity of the plywood, due to its enviroment. Motorhome builders used to use marine plywood in the construction of RV's. However, the elements would eventually take their toll. Keep us...
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