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  1. aamiggia

    60 Series axles with OME lift on a BJ75

    Any idea what the spigot size is for a 60 series rear? I like the idea of running a hybrid of the 75 and 60 rear. All I really care about is getting the matching lift in the rear end.
  2. aamiggia

    60 Series axles with OME lift on a BJ75

    OK, so i did some internet research and the front leafs are almost identical, with the 75 having more leafs and higher spring rate. Both 60 and 75 fronts have the exact same bushing (OMESB1), u-bolts (OMEU51), shackles (OMEGS2), and greasable pin (OMEGP1). The rears have the same shackles...
  3. aamiggia

    60 Series axles with OME lift on a BJ75

    I have a new project in mind and I have access to 60 series cable locker axles with an OME lift and I want to put them on a BJ75 mine truck. I know it'll be fairly easy to swap the axles, but I want to use the OME's. I've heard that 60 series OME can be put on a 40 series easily. I also know...
  4. aamiggia

    How does this frame look? BJ70

    Great shape is relative, it's not mint by any means but it looks like the PO did a good quality body job with all metal repairs. It had 1 owner for 20 years who oiled it every year. That being said it still had some frame rot at the passenger rear shackle and the driver floor was replaced. There...
  5. aamiggia

    How does this frame look? BJ70

    I've seen that truck on an off Kijiji a few times. One of the guys on was looking at it but passed. I seem to recall that it had a lot of bad body work. That being said, $5000 seems to be the going rate for a "decent" BJ70 these days. BJ70 "parts" trucks are going for $2500 so if it's...
  6. aamiggia

    LJ70 1986 Bubbling coolant 2LT(old)

    I've read threads in the 80 series forum that links bubbles in the coolant to head gasket issues. It's a method to tell when you have a bad head gasket.
  7. aamiggia

    upgrading the brakesystem

    Good luck. Most BJ70 owners have complained about the brakes. I'm no different. I've gone through many pains in the last 6 months. I replaced the pads, shoes, calipers, a couple of solid lines, and all flex lines with stainless steel ones. It turns out that my brake booster was bad. A...
  8. aamiggia

    BJ70 Differential Breather Union

    My diff breather union snapped at the breather hose. I need help with replacing the rear differential breather union. It's the male threaded piece that screws into axle housing and clamps to breather hose. The Toyota part number is 90404‑10018, but it is difficult to find. The BJ75 part...
  9. aamiggia

    70 Data

    Most countries in Central and south America. Notable exceptions are Mexico and Venezuela (only gas models). I've seen 70 series in Costa Rica, Hounduras, Panama, Ecuador, Argentina, and Chile. But it does seem that Spain is the go to place for clean units. German ones are cheaper, but have...
  10. aamiggia

    Which cruiser is better?

    There is always what the owner thinks it's worth and what the market will bare. Not sure too many people will take a BJ42 over a LX570 for the same price.
  11. aamiggia

    Which cruiser is better?

    LOL. I've wanted to do that dozens of times on Kijiji. There's a guy selling a BJ42 for $50,000. Unless that's a serious typo, this guy is insane. It's not even all original.
  12. aamiggia

    Running Board

    If you're looking to replace them or buy new(ish) ones. There's a guy in Sudbury, ON that sells the ones they pull off mining HZJ75. Also has snorkels, trays, and front bumper inserts. He lists them on Kijiji and can probably ship them anywhere.
  13. aamiggia

    Are all these fuel tanks the same? Middy, ute & troopy

    Troopy tanks are different then short and mid-wheelbase 70 series. I have an Australian long range tank in my BJ70 and a troopy tank is not a direct fit according to the company that sold it to me. Now, I'm not sure how much work it would take to make it fit.
  14. aamiggia

    BJ70 Tach Sensor Problem (wrong part 4wheelauto)

    Great thanks John. I was able to "dig" out the wire with a soldering iron. Dropped a bead of solder like you suggested and soldered on a new wire. Packed it full of silicon to keep it water tight. Nice field repair if I do say so myself. Who would have guessed that the DICK's at 4wheelauto...
  15. aamiggia

    BJ70 Tach Sensor Problem (wrong part 4wheelauto)

    The guys a 4wheelauto screwed me over with the wrong tach sensor for a BJ70. Then I had to hound them to get answer and still nothing. Finally when I threaten to call them out online and I got a response. But not the one I wanted. They have no ideal what customer service is. I strongly...
  16. aamiggia

    Which cruiser is better?

    I'm a little late to the party but here are my 2 cents. Any Ontario BJ70 with "fresh" looking paint and rust bubbles = a cover up. That rig has serious bad bondo and the passenger rear quarter looks really soft. Ask him to safety it. i have a '86 BJ form Ontario that was religiously rust...
  17. aamiggia

    what rims fit 70s series?

    80 series have same bolt pattern, but on a CDM BJ70, they require 1/4" spacer on the front to clear the tie rod ends.
  18. aamiggia

    bj74 Ontario (familiar?)

    That truck is about 45 minutes away from me, if need be and I'm familiar with 70 series, although CDM models. The price is definitely BC pricing, I've seen Ontario trucks for much less than that as they are next to impossible to insure for daily use in Ontario. A good price would be $9-11 k...
  19. aamiggia

    RPM Sensor Shot

    Hey guys, The wire for the RPM sensor on my '86 CDM BJ70 was nicked really close to the sensor head. The RPM gauge started jumping around and eventually died. I couldn't create a solid repair so I tried to lengthen the wire by soldering on another piece close to the head. Well no luck I...
  20. aamiggia

    Melted ARB airlines, field repair?

    Great. Thanks. It looks like the line is 5mm and the straight through push connects are available from ARB, list around $12. Fastenal sells them for <$5
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