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  1. K

    4 Low; Without Warn Front Hubs Engaged..........

    You won't hurt anything. Putting it in 4wd will cause the transfer case to turn the front driveshaft and therefore the front axle. Turning the hub selector to lock connects the front wheel to the axle and you have 4wd. Leaving the hubs unlocked just means the axle is turning but not engaging...
  2. K

    Single Shear Shock Tab on Front Axle

    I have the same housing from Proffits so same set up. No problems with 40" Iroks. Kent
  3. K

    Front tube fender tie-ins

    Another option is to tie it into a front hoop like this. Mine are also braced to the frame in the middle and to the rocker panel. Very stout.
  4. K

    need comp cut and WB stretch pics

    Flipped the front springs and moved the rear axle back several inches (about 12 I think). I didn't want a comp cut though, wanted to keep the same FJ40 wheel wells and look. This is what I ended up with.
  5. K

    Spring Center Pin - Source for new ones?

    I get them at the local truck brake and driveline shop. I dont remember what size the stock ones are. Measure or bring one with and any good truck repair shop should have them.
  6. K

    Radiator overflow tank - Universal

    I use a bike water bottle for mine and it works great. Cheap and easy.
  7. K

    Non toyota paint colors!!! The good the bad and the ugly! Purists turn your heads

    Thanks for the compliments. The color doesn't have a name that I'm aware of. I picked it out of the binder at a local paint supplier. It's an acrylic implement paint they tinted. Best description is probably a dark green with a hint of gray. I could get the color code if someone really...
  8. K

    3rd member studs came out

    No reason to replace them if there's nothing wrong with them. You can remove/instal them by putting 2 nuts on a stud and bind them together and turn accordingly.
  9. K

    Finally back on the road/trail after 5 years...

    Thanks for all the kind words. Yes there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I'm not out of the tunnel yet but the light got a lot brighter.
  10. K

    Finally back on the road/trail after 5 years...

    We don't have a name yet.... A friend suggested "Squidward"
  11. K

    Finally back on the road/trail after 5 years...

    I don't have any action pics yet. I've been out 3 times with it so far but with no one to take pics. The front bumper is plate steel that wraps just under the front spring hangers to act as a skid plate. It's probably an inch or less of clearance sacrifice. The pic does make it look like it...
  12. K

    Finally back on the road/trail after 5 years...

    5.29's in the diffs so it gets around ok. It's no interstate cruiser thats for sure! Final ratio in lowest gear is 180:1 It handles quit nice on the road actually. I did have the front axle cut and turned. I think I posted pics of the gas tank on here somewhere. It sits up above the links...
  13. K

    Finally back on the road/trail after 5 years...

    HaHa yes! We just moved into the new house so yes the yard is now at the top of the list. We're in Rapid City. I'll have to look again at the paint code - the can is still over at the friends' house that painted it. I don't think it had a name, just a number.
  14. K

    Finally back on the road/trail after 5 years...

    Started with a blue 76 that was in "ok" shape. Like a lot of people here I started out intending to make a few minor mods and get it on the trail. I soon fell victim to the "while I'm in there I may as well replace..." FIVE years later and after a lot of doubts, frustration and work it...
  15. K

    Tube doors

    I have Redline's doors. I recommend them.
  16. K

    What options for 36" wide bench seat?

    Will it fit between fender wells that measure 36"?
  17. K

    What options for 36" wide bench seat?

    Thanks, I wouldn't mind seeing how you did the harness/belts setup.
  18. K

    What options for 36" wide bench seat?

    No 36" isn't the norm, I made my own rear tub. Thanks for the pics Cam.
  19. K

    What options for 36" wide bench seat?

    The corbeau would be an option if it truly is the better way to go. I have a 4yr old and newborn. How well does the corbeau work with booster seat and/or child seat? Do you use 4 point harnesses or regular 3 point seat belts?
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