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    Better fuel mileage?

    I suppose the quoted poster was just looking for a more accurate mileage in the easily done test. I do something easier but marginally less accurate. I fill to the brim, set the odometer to zero, use the ride normally and refill at the end of the day or early the next at the same station, taking...
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    93 FZJ stalled and died on steep incline

    I'm also inclined to believe the engine simply stalled. It's the sort of thing that happens when you have too high an rpm on it. I've never understood what was behind the function but I'm guessing it's a way of preserving the engine when some yahoo thinks engines can be heroic. Kalawang
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    Alternative Second Battery Locations

    I drive through floods and rivers at unscheduled times so a battery under the frame or low is not a good thing for me. If anything, I would rather find a higher place or inside to mount an extra battery. Best might be to move the other accessories like compressors elsewhere. At least, if they...
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    Visiting Phillipines and this is what awaits me...

    Another week or two and the rainy season begins. That terrain you drove looks like lahar territory. Should be downright dangerous next month. Kalawang
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    Locked key in 94 FJ80

    A key card will probably be safer provided you keep your wallet with you all the time. It's better than a spare key because the spare key has a way of slipping out of your wallet, whereas the key card is on a plastic card and does not slip out all that easy. A hefty slim jim can open the...
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    Radiator top is hit bottom cold !

    I agree. Sounds like the radiator needs rodding or replacement. Kalawang
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    About to get a dual swing out, what side for the tire?

    The sidewalk side. It's safer. You will be working there once in a while and it's no fun with traffic zooming by. Shambles
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    19mpg average from Moab to Seattle with 1HD-T Engine

    That's impressive mileage. I doubt I ever got that good but I'm normally close. My engine was touched up a bit for a better response, not much, but you can feel the difference. I have a reasonably long trip coming up soon and shall try to remember to do a mileage check regardless that it's...
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    Wooden Roof Rack

    Plywood, even marine plywood, does not stand up to moisture all that well unless coated with epoxy. Epoxy is especially needed at the ends and edges to prevent or at least reduce the amount of moisture that can enter the plys. Wood is good looking material but if the work requires frequent...
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    1HDT Heat issue?

    Interesting problem. The only time I had temperature problems was when my thermostat rusted out. Whereas I live in a tropical place, I solved the problem by removing it. However this is such a simple solution I would expect you to have already looked into that. Kalawang
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    Mud inside headlight

    Put it back in a large bucket and keep dipping in and out so the water flows in and out, hopefully washing the mud out. Make a giant cotton bud with a wood chopstick and use it to loosen the mud and other dirt and just keep dipping in and out of clean water. When you think you're close enough to...
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    Tie Rod End Stuck

    I used a bit of heat and two good pipe wrenches. Worked for me. Kalawang
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    Flat tire sound from front right.

    +1 Had that sound. Unfortunately it happened to me on a highway and I had a flat spare so I kept driving, albeit slower and slower as the noise got louder. Almost made it home before it finally blew and thank God for friendly cops who took my spare to be repaired. Kalawang
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    Front End Jumps Around

    I would blame the tires as having been worn down without rotation. Since your tires are already worn out, it won't do you any harm to get new ones, though you might want to borrow a pair just to see if an improvement comes immediately. Road pull can be an indication or worn tie rod ends. The...
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    Suspension sway

    Offhand, the general rule is, the greater the lift the thicker the spring wire, to reduce sway. Another way of describing it is that the high lift needs a stiffer spring and stiffer shocks not because of a heavier load but for the sake of reducing sway. Do a good guess and you get a ride...
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    New to me 1991 235k has hard ride and need service advice

    I'm thinking your shocks are either busted or wrong size and possibly stiffness and causing a harsh ride. Your cheapest check is to remove the shocks entirely and check the ride driving SLOWLY in an open area. If you get a boaty ride, it should be proof you need new shocks. It's also an...
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    Underhood Light

    I've replaced all my interior lights with LED's but settled for a cheap LED rechargeable flashlight for emergency use. Fabulously bright lights for very little electricity. Kalawang
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    Can a stock 80 clear 33 inch tires?

    A one inch spacer ought to be sufficient but I think any rough off road action will need to be done tenderly. Even on the road, some speed humps will need a more tender approach. Actually, any full compression or extension. I was also planning to do the same, but in my case it would be a...
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    Locked keys in truck

    I carry a key card in my wallet. Kalawang
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    80 hard to steer

    How long has it been ( miles ) since you rotated those tires ? Kalawang
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