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  1. Roadhouse78

    Help! New ARB Bull Bar Won't Fit (Tried Two Bumpers)

    I used a bottle jack to spread my rails..... little sketchy but it worked.
  2. Roadhouse78

    FOUND - Stolen LX-450 - Calgary

    I'm out in BC. Ill watch out for it. That really sucks man.
  3. Roadhouse78

    Brakes getting stiff

    buy OEM. I had to bite the bullet on one 2 years ago but my brakes are great now.
  4. Roadhouse78

    front diff flush options.

    Diesel will wreck everything. New gear oil and don't worry about it.
  5. Roadhouse78

    Low Fuel Light

    Mine comes on at 80-81 liters used. Tank is 96 liters. So I have 100 KMS till empty.
  6. Roadhouse78

    Steel wheels ?

    Tundra wheels work. That's what I run in the winter 16 x 6.5
  7. Roadhouse78

    Cheap cv joints ?

    I put some super cheap birfs in from eBay last year. They made it thru a locked up hunting camp and didn't die. I guess that's good enough for me.
  8. Roadhouse78

    93- 97 Land Cruiser 4.5 Canada/Option Battery

    We need that option here in Canada. This was one day last winter. 16" in 12 hrs. My 80 was one of the only trucks on the road.
  9. Roadhouse78

    I might be crazy!!!! Manual window swap?

    Have been fighting my power windows since I bought the truck 4 years ago. Was on eBay and noticed you can buy a manual window crank set from Australia brand new for around 120$. I would love to just be able to open and close the front windows without all the drama. I was wondering if anyone has...
  10. Roadhouse78

    CDL not engaging.

    Jcruse, I'll try a new switch. Thanks
  11. Roadhouse78

    Double checking a shops work?

    What size tires are you running?
  12. Roadhouse78

    CDL not engaging.

    Thanks. I'll try a new switch. Then do the 7 pin mod.
  13. Roadhouse78

    CDL not engaging.

    So here's the story. I took a hazard switch from a 3rd gen 4 runner and modded the tabs to make it activate the CDL. The CDL will engage of I put the t case shifter in 4 Low. What am I doing wrong? I guess the hazard switch could be faulty?
  14. Roadhouse78

    Frozen brake booster?

    It's the booster. Mine did the same thing until it died completely. Buy a Toyota one....unless you feel like replacing it in 6 months. It's not a long job as you don't have to open the brake fluid system. Just an FYI you have to take the rod off inside the cab or you won't be able to get it out...
  15. Roadhouse78

    Diagnosis of ugly noise at start up

    Proper oil filter? If it's not a TOYOTA one the oil will bleed back and the noise could be the pump starving until the filter is full. Mine will do it if you don't have a filter with a one way valve.
  16. Roadhouse78

    I'm at my absolute wits end- Fading Brake pedal despite best efforts

    Your lspv could be faulty. It might be sucking air into the system. My only other suggestion is replace the master again. If the seals are not working correctly fluid will pass by when pressed and cause pedal fade.
  17. Roadhouse78

    Cheap birfields?

    Anybody used cheap birfields in a front end rebuild? I was looking at some GSP ones. I'm in Canada and Toyota birfs are 700$ each....ouch
  18. Roadhouse78

    Real time help needed, booster removal

    I just did mine and you have to remove to rod that connects it to pedal or you will not get it out period. Once you do that it's straight forward. Just turn it to the drivers wheel well while you move it past the intake manifold. ...via IH8MUD app
  19. Roadhouse78

    where to get the 95-97 fsm download

    I have a copy. Give me your email. I can send you it.
  20. Roadhouse78

    Burning Rubber Smell - Passenger side wheelwell

    Does it happen when it's wet out? It happens to me too. I have come to the realization that it's actually rubber mixed with water from the road that is burning off on the exhaust where it's exposed inside the wheel well. Took me a very long time to figure out.
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