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  1. LALC

    Nav update / Current version

    New nav card available 86271-GN8LC-21
  2. LALC

    iPhone 13 Pro charging/ 2021 LC

    My 12 mini will charge on the wireless charger, but only if I remove it from the Apple magsafe case which is already pretty thin. With the case on, I have the same result you're reporting. That's likely your answer... it needs to be flat and flush against the charger.
  3. LALC

    Nav update / Current version

    Source? I still don't see a new card available for 2021.
  4. LALC

    Nav update / Current version

    I was told if an update to the 2020 maps was going to be released, it would be in December. I don't see a new one available.
  5. LALC

    HE Edition retrofit

    I know where this is headed. Someone is going to buy what they thought was a traded in used LC HE for $95k.
  6. LALC

    Color matching front bumpers

    I've had my OEM bumper (blizzard pearl) replaced years prior to getting my ARB and it was such a hassle to get it color-matched. The first attempt looked terrible, the second better, and the third they had the paint company send a guy out to oversee the process. It was visibly better on the...
  7. LALC

    Using your garage door opener as a winch remote

    I was pumped about using this to operate the aux lights on the Warn Platinum, but I couldn't get it to work. The controller has to connect to the winch and never sends a continuous signal, it sends the signal once on button de-press. Even if it could somehow allow the homelink to connect to the...
  8. LALC

    Wanted Dallas - LC200 OEM 18" wheels and or 275/70/18 all terrains

    Monroe, LA: I have 5 OEM wheels with stock size 285/60r18 BFG KO2's on them. Tires are nearing the end of their life. If you're interested, shoot me a message.
  9. LALC

    Wiendshield Replacement for 2019 LC

    Installer did that on mine as well. The trim stuck up and was visibly not touching the windshield. They asked if I cared... I said yes. They ordered and replaced the clips.
  10. LALC

    New 21' cruise control function shifting

    As far as the cruise control slowing down, in my experience it has a priority to try to use engine braking. It feels like it has a distance wherein if you set the cruise to a number where it will not reach that speed within X distance, it will apply the brakes. Otherwise, it tries to engine...
  11. LALC

    ARB Deluxe vs. ARB Summit Front Bumpers

    It must be something new they're adding. It looks like it's potentially a little cheaper, less metal, maybe, but I'm no expert. If you pull up the vehicle application guide for 08+ LC200 on their site, "Deluxe" bumper is the category for all front bumpers, with the different options being...
  12. LALC

    2021 LC200

    Looks like there are some changes being reported in media, "2021 is that the Heritage Edition now gets the option of a third row of seats and two new exterior colors: Classic Silver Metallic and Magnetic Gray Metallic join Midnight Black Metallic and Blizzard Pearl" "Prices for the Land...
  13. LALC

    Repeated, constant, "air sucking" sound audible in the interior

    You're not talking about the brakes, right? There is a wheeze inside the cabin near driver feet from braking system.
  14. LALC

    LALC Build (ome/arb/budbuilt/warn)

    Northeast Suspension and Performance in Monroe, LA took on this build to learn more about the Land Cruiser and doing work on them. They were really great to work with and did an excellent job. This isn't a plug, I'm not getting anything for saying this. I just can't recommend them highly enough...
  15. LALC

    CarPlay emulation - anyone tried it?

    I haven't read of any changes to this system past the major ones on 2016 models.
  16. LALC

    Slider to prevent rust?

    @Taco2Cruiser did I order right by getting zinc anti-seize to use with budbuilt's aluminum skids and the stainless steel hardware?
  17. LALC

    Is this normal

    Looks like hard water
  18. LALC

    Aftermarket Fairing on FrontRunner Rack

    Sorry I didnt notice this, but yes, everything still working great.
  19. LALC

    TIS Techstream - Customization Options for LC200

    Google "toyota techstream purchase trial"
  20. LALC

    Projector Technology Displaying Blind Spots, what if...

    So I saw this and thought about the video recording that the camera system (at least in 16+, since that's what I have) can take while in 4LO used to show you the ground you're currently sitting on top of. What if... it took that video projected it onto your floorboard so you could look down at...
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