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  1. cruiser182

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Discovered the true meaning of fear..
  2. cruiser182

    Brake Hose Help, Need Part Number

    Are you sure it's not 96910-32305? Genuine Toyota 96910-32305 (9691032305) HOSE, FLEXIBLE, NO.1 (FOR FRONT) -
  3. cruiser182

    What Fluid Goes in Here

    Here's a couple of good places for manuals - Toyota Land Cruiser Manuals 40's, 55, 60's - Google Drive -
  4. cruiser182

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    What’s your roof set up there?
  5. cruiser182

    Brake upgrade

    Seems like a very ambiguous regulation, is there any performance testing involved? A bit of useless info but in NZ, the equivalent certification involves multiple stops from 100km/h within a specified time period to test brake fade. Hence people often run a very aggressive brake pad and some...
  6. cruiser182

    Fj40 Shackle Diference

    OMESB30 is the part number
  7. cruiser182

    Images loading s-l-o-w-l-y...

    I have the same issue. Pics load painfully slowly despite being on a 100mbps connection.
  8. cruiser182

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Did my first rebuild of a full float hub. Years ago I bought a fully floating rear axle for my 75 FJ40 - the axle was from an FJ45 I assume. The 40 recently started locking one rear wheel under light braking which is real fun in the wet 😨 Turns out one of the brakes was full of a grease / diff...
  9. cruiser182

    Let's build a cool Tachometer

    Me too
  10. cruiser182

    How to start a 24v HDJ81 with 12v video

    That's handy to know, thanks :)
  11. cruiser182

    Builds 'Little Yellowy' 1982 BJ42 LX build

    Enjoying your build mate. Nice to read about a RHD diesel 40 as they're a bit more common in this part of the world. And also the model I'll buy if I ever get another Land Cruiser. Shipping that bar from the states must have cost a packet? The number of times I've loaded up a virtual cart at...
  12. cruiser182

    What is your FJ40 Restoration Shop Garage Set-up?

    Not the biggest, but after having the 40 stored outside for years, it's a luxury to have four walls and a roof :D \
  13. cruiser182

    ROTW ROTW - Gertrude - 1975 FJ40

    It's so cool that this rig has found a great new home after all this time. Nice one :clap:
  14. cruiser182

    Weight 3B and 1hdt

    Well.. This may not be any help but I recently had a fully dressed 13BT shipped to me and according to the freight company it was 414kg including the wooden pallet it came on. So I'd figure 350kg for a 3B.
  15. cruiser182

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Beach trip with the local 60s crew
  16. cruiser182

    J60 front end conversion

    It's not the only one! Toyota Land Cruiser 1995 EDIT: In fact, it's an actual thing, check out this link, looks like the vendor ランクル80丸目2灯換装【60フェイス】カスタム画像集!|フレックス・ドリーム
  17. cruiser182

    J60 front end conversion

    Just saw this on a Japanese used car website Anyone ever done this? Seen it before? Not sure I'm sold on the look, but I've seen worse that's for sure Toyota Land Cruiser 1994
  18. cruiser182

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Refinished my BJ61s rockers, backyard style
  19. cruiser182

    Australian FJ45V

    I'm following on Facebook, looks like you're making great progress! For those interested and that have Facebook, search for 'fj45v return to snowy mountain' All the best for the journey.
  20. cruiser182

    Kiwi Bush Pig

    Any progress on the pig?
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