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  1. tonkota

    I've finally decided!

    OK I'm sold. I have a 350 in it now, so upgrading makes sense, plus I'd gain disk brakes in the front. What did you pay for having it narrowed? Man an SOA Piggy looks good.
  2. tonkota

    I've finally decided!

    Yes. That'll do. But then I wonder about the width. Are they too wide? Should I find a set of HMMMV wheels? Dammit, now I have a ton of thoughts rolling around.
  3. tonkota

    I've finally decided!

    My poor Pig has been sitting and waiting. I have been mulling over what to do with it exactly so I only build it once. I'm going SOA with some 35x10.50s. It's the right thing to do. :D I just thought I'd share.
  4. tonkota

    Who's Pig?

    YouTube - Winter 4X4 Fj55 Jeeps and Chevy Truck Well, it's part pig. Maybe the guy saved it?
  5. tonkota

    fj55 in Klamath Falls, OR

    That Pig is cleaner than mine. I like the roof rack! :D
  6. tonkota

    V-8 Pig Owners Chime In Please

    Front diff. and drive line clearance issues, spacing front to rear with the SM465 and firewall. That is as far as I have went to this point. I'm sure there are some other issues. I will be using some rams horn exhaust manifolds.
  7. tonkota

    V-8 Pig Owners Chime In Please

    I narrowed a stock engine cradle from a K20, welded it in then took out the cross member between the two mounts. Then to hold the NP205 and SM465 I used the K20s t-case crossmember and am in the process of making some brackets to bolt it up. I'm sure there is an easier way, but I'm cheap and...
  8. tonkota

    Pigs in Snow *PICS*

    That is some serious motivation to get mine going...
  9. tonkota

    List of questions

    I'm hoping to stay away from any lift really. If that means some 33 x 9.50 or 10.50 that is good enough for me. I like the 34 x 10.50s since they are cheap. Good on the cut and turn huh? Sweet, less work for me. It isn't a daily driver and I don't intend it to be. It will see pavement to...
  10. tonkota

    List of questions

    Vehicle in question: 1973 Pig, 350 Chev, SM465/NP205, stock axles. 1. I don't think I need 35's, but some 34" or 33" x skinny would be nice. Can a guy run tall skinnies with just a small to none suspension lift? I'm willing to cut and bend and I'd love some 34 x 10.5 LTB tires. 2...
  11. tonkota

    Nice 55 pretty cheap

    If I recall, that thing has been on there for some time. Maybe he will entertain a low ball offer.
  12. tonkota

    Nice 55 pretty cheap

    Damn that is close and tempting....
  13. tonkota

    trailer queen

    Good Lord that 80 looks tiny. And the Tundra looks big! I need more time to work on my Pig. Maybe I can find some in the for sale section.
  14. tonkota

    Painting the word "Toyota" on the tailgate?

    I like it painted too, but if you leave it blank, everyone will wonder WTF you are driving... :)
  15. tonkota

    Bought a pig today!

    Dang, that is very nice!! Good find. Welcome!
  16. tonkota

    A pair of pigs to give away...

    Alright, closed. Congrats Post numbers: eight and six. Congrats to PabloCruise and dtrain. PM me your mailing address and I'll get them off to you.
  17. tonkota

    Found the Perfect Speaker panels for the FJ55!

    Just write a check :D
  18. tonkota

    Finally Got Pics Of My Fj55 Off Road!

    Nice one driving light. What happened? In a couple of the pics you have two. Nice ride, there is no turning back now sicko :D Welcome.
  19. tonkota

    A pair of pigs to give away...

    OK, I have a couple Pigs to give away. They are plastic, one is orange, one is blue. They were a project piggy bank that we made in class, but these didn't get slots put in them. So, they are pretty cool. Walk around town with them and you will be noticed! :D If there are more than 2...
  20. tonkota

    FJ55 paint.. what do you guys think?

    That is a Hog, not a Pig. :D And those colors would make a Pig look a little more classy.
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