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  1. Dingman

    V8 in 80's hilux

    Filmed this one a few years back... Can get more info, if you need it. YouTube - 4x4 - Extreme V8 Toyota in the dirt... Almost Rolled!!!
  2. Dingman

    Spool VS Lock Right/Aussie

    Ahhh, you agree with me. Well done.
  3. Dingman

    Spool VS Lock Right/Aussie

    Next open run will be Memorial Day. Members of course, will be on the trails before that and we also have some trail cleanup to be done. We're going to get that playground crossing fixed once and for all (although it's hard to plan for the sort of flooding barrage of rain we had last summer)...
  4. Dingman

    Spool VS Lock Right/Aussie

    With a mostly stock drivetrain, I think Aussies aren't likely to break (referring to the "piece of s***" comment). For a really serious rig tho, spools are cheap and tough, no doubt. I have an Aussie in the front of mine and a lock-something in the rear, and you would not believe how loud...
  5. Dingman

    faulty water temp gaug: will not reflect overheating. Any ideas??

    Yes, those pesky temp sensors... I also had to install a mechanical, it works much better. Location suks, but on my trail rig, I'm not too picky.
  6. Dingman

    Drive Shaft Flange Question

    Picasa Web Albums - Jon Paul - Toytota CVDC Here's a couple pics I have laying around... don't know if it helps you or not. (pickup\4runner shafts here) on the left is a IFS front shaft, on the right is a SFA shaft. You can see how the SFA CV has a greater operating angle.
  7. Dingman

    goodbye to a good friend

    Is this still there?
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