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    SOLD Indiana 80 Series drivers door handle

    I have a drivers door handle that was purchased for my 95 that I no longer have. I also found a oil filter I will throw in the box with it. $30 shipped obo SOLD
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    SOLD INDIANA 80 Series Random Parts

    I am cleaning out my parts left over from my 1995 FZJ80 all parts prices are shipped. 2x(04371-36030) Toyota Spider Kits for rear drive shaft if I remember correctly. SOLD Denso (234-4153) Down Stream O2 sensor SOLD 2x Gamitivi seat gears and caps for electric seats. SOLD
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    SOLD Indiana FZJ80 Center Diff Lock Switch

    Removed from my 1995 FZJ80. $40.00 shipped.
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    For Sale 80 Series Sliders with Steps $575

    Any word on these?
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    how many miles do you have on your 80

    1995 with 213,896 miles on original unopened engine. Leaks oil and probably needs valve seals. Oh well love it.
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    Anyone using the magnaflow y-pipe and cats?

    I wonder if they are crush bent or mandrel.
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    80 rear bumper design/build..

    I would really like to see some pics before my final in.
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Did the front axle reconditioning and installed new birfs and installed slotted rotors and ceramic pads from Jonesy's. Also got the new u joints in the front axle will do the rears some time soon. Made it a whole new truck, I love it.
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    Builds The Minipi Cruiser Build

    What was your setup from EMS, cat and feature wise I really like the sound.
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    80 Series Group Buy - LED Light Bars

    I hope I have enough cash to get in on the next group by.
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    For Sale ARB Bull Bar for Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 / FZJ80 - $675

    Why can't these ever be closer? Not wanting to ship are ya?
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    Gaging Interest - FJ80/FZJ80 Rear Bumper Kits

    I am definitely interested.
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    80 rear bumper design/build..

    Indiana 46131
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    Interest in HID Retro drop in headlights for your 60, 80, or 100?

    Well I definitely would like to know how much.
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    White Knuckle Slider options

    I would save the $100 and hit em with some Hammerite or another good quality paint. Also maybe skip the diamond plate and you/ have someone weld in expanded metal to the back as a step for the kids. But that is just me.
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    Locker code, but no switch?

    Ha I was just looking at the same Cruiser and thinking the same thing.
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    80 rear bumper design/build..

    Interested in seeing price and final product.
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    Steering Wheel Noise...??

    More than likely this is right. If I recall they are quite expensive. I just deal with mine.
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