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    Registration renewals, anyone with issues?

    Yes, the emissions expiration date is in 2021. But what are they going to do? Come peel off my sticker that says "25"? I guess that I fill find out next year. The whole registration process seems to be confused now. I didn't get my registration in the mail for more than a month after I...
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    Registration renewals, anyone with issues?

    The web site offered the option of 5 years on my 1995 80 in April. I took it. Up until now I've had to get a tailpipe emission test every year, since they don't treat 1995 as OBD2.
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    Coolant leak

    The gasket for the outlet pipe is 16341-66020, if that is where it is leaking. But double check that it isn't the rubber by-pass hose or a sensor.
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    Timing chain tensioner

    I apologize if this is too obvious or has already been checked, but did the ticking start after you removed and replaced the power steering pump? Any damage to the drive gear can cause a surprisingly loud tick.
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    *FOR SALE* Toyota Oil Filter rare Made in Japan

    Have any more Japanese 90915-20004 turned up? I'm down to my last one.
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    New CSC Memebr MikeB!!!

    Thanks everyone! I bought my white 1995 80 in 2000. I installed OME springs and 285 tires, but I've mostly used it as a daily driver and haven't done many modifications. A year ago the 80 was hit hard as described here...
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    Found a white 97 for parts

    Here are some pictures. It's in pretty rough shape.
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    2 Free Michelin LTX M-S P275-70R16 in Tempe
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