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  1. smm3

    Members Rigs

    2014 DD
  2. smm3

    200 Series tech and classifieds.

    I found and purchased some Tundra 18" wheels. I couldn't pass them up. 120 for all 4 delivered. Once these tires wear out, I will be switching over. I have about 10K left. I appreciate it though.
  3. smm3

    200 Series tech and classifieds.

    Well i realized I couldn't stay away for too long. Found this 2014 in McKinney. Had 57.6k miles on it. One owner regularly serviced. Felt like I got a good deal on it. Plan is to build it slowly. Probably limited to sliders, lift and new wheels and tires. I don't care for the Tundra 20" ones...
  4. smm3

    80 Series General Tech and Classifieds

    That one sat out in the Hawkins airport parking lot for a long time....don't know anything about it though.
  5. smm3

    Good concerts in the area

    SOLD! I will also have two REK tickets for sale. I had them shipped to the house. I haven't received them yet but expect to in the next couple of days. I am heading to OMAHA Sunday so mine are for sale. Like Nolen, I have 80 in them and will take 60....
  6. smm3

    Anyone? - CLC Classifieds thread

    SOLD Thanks Cameron. Hope you enjoy her! Glad she went to a fellow CLC guy!
  7. smm3

    Anyone? - CLC Classifieds thread

    When I get back to my house I can send you some. The car is called millennium silver. It has grey leather that is in good shape. It wears a lot better than the LC leather. It has the standard stereo that sounds good. I added an ipod adapter that attaches to the ear of the stereo that shows...
  8. smm3

    Anyone? - CLC Classifieds thread

    2003 Lexus LS 430 for sale I am going to trade in my 2003 Lexus LS 430 within the next two weeks. I am ready for something a little smaller. I thought I would put it out there to see if anyone here was interested in it. The car is worth a whole lot more than the actual cash value. They are...
  9. smm3

    100 Series General Tech and Classifieds

    my 100 for sale shortly Hey guys, I thought I would let ya'll know first that I am heavily considering letting my 2000 100 go. I haven't had time to drive it much lately and I don't want it just sitting around. It does need the CVs either rebuilt or replaced. I was told that I needed to...
  10. smm3

    Newbie Intro......

    Welcome to the Club!
  11. smm3

    Where to Eat!

    Been in Houston since Tuesday. Sunday for brunch we went to Max's Wine Dive. Fantastic brunch. We split the fried lobster tail as an app. I had a manmosa which is a a beer served with either OJ or Grapefruit.... I would put this place on the list!!
  12. smm3

    Cool cars and CLC chat

    This was at the Westin Galleria in Houston. First one I have seen in person. It's a lambo adventador (sp) LP 570 4 which is the AWD version. It was sweet. Very surprised how small it was in person. Serious machine!!
  13. smm3

    CLC help needed...

    Since I am back on the ole FB, I will be happy to go that. Congrats on the upcoming addition!
  14. smm3

    Anyone? - CLC Classifieds thread

    Sorry I didn't respond to this earlier. She ended up getting the dealer to give her a little over 15 on the trade so she took it.
  15. smm3

    Anyone? - CLC Classifieds thread

    2005 silver 4wd limited 4Runner for sale I have a good friend of mine that is selling her 2005 silver 4Runner. It's a limited that is 4wd. Truck has 70,000 miles on it. It is loaded with everything except navigation. She and her husband are looking for a new one. Truck is in excellent...
  16. smm3

    100 Series General Tech and Classifieds

    Is there going to be some sort of gas strut assist? I can't tell from the picture. If not, that is going to be really heavy to open and close not to mention it might not stay open on any sort of an incline...
  17. smm3

    100 Series General Tech and Classifieds

    NEW Metaltech sliders in Corinth for sale 650 This was posted today in the main parts secion. FYI....
  18. smm3

    Happy Birthday, Nolen

    Happy Birthday Bud!
  19. smm3


    I am in tonight
  20. smm3

    Where to Eat!

    Had some of that today as a matter of fact!! Good eats
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