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  1. ToyotaDyna

    HJ60 for Sale?

    Hi, I would be glad to assist in shipping you a rust free HJ60, I will have one available very soon. ToyotaDyna ------- Instagram: Canarian Land Cruiser Exports Website:
  2. ToyotaDyna

    Hj60 importation from Europe

    Hi GafferXL If its still has its original motor ( or swapped with the same model motor ) it will be fine. A 5 speed gearbox added won't be any trouble at US customs. Make sure the undercarraige is pressure washed before entry too. If there are any major suspension modifications or crazy...
  3. ToyotaDyna

    Importing from the Canary's

    Thanks Jon! It was great to see the pictures of the 61 you sent me the other night, the lift and rims look amazing. I hope it gives you many years of enjoyment. It was a pleasure working with you on this one. ---------- Looking for a Diesel, LHD Land Cruiser? Website...
  4. ToyotaDyna

    Importing from Portugal

    Great to hear, best of luck! Portugal is a great location due to the ovar plant there building the Toyotas! If you need any help with inspections on the canary islands id be glad to assist you. ToyotaDyna Canarian Landcruiser Exports ---- Website: Canarian Land Cruiser Exports • DIESEL • LHD
  5. ToyotaDyna

    Importing from Portugal

    Canarian Landcruiser Exports • Diesel • LHD Hi badzj999, Did you manage to import a Landcruiser from Portugal yet? We export from the canary islands, let me know what you are looking for and I will send you what we have available. We source, inspect, purchase and organise shipping of your...
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