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  1. landcrusiergod1

    Club Meetings 2nd sat of the month, and facebook site

    Hi - our meetings are held the 2nd sat of each month at Joe and Eddies Restaurant- on Eglin Parkway. At or around 8:30. We have a lot to offer for a small club. We do trail rides and maintenance days. You contact me here or on facebook...
  2. landcrusiergod1

    Pensacola Offroad
  3. landcrusiergod1

    Cruiser mechanic around Destin & some help diagnosing

    Hi= put a flat tip screw driver up against each injector- sound be a loud clicking- Sounds like injectors or clogged- replace them ! Joe had the same thing happen to his fj80 - drives like new now. you can find us on facebook at...
  4. landcrusiergod1

    Events --Post your trail ride up here

    Hello everybody, So this is a great place to start talking about what trail rides we want to see happen this summer and fall. GSMTR -2012 is MAY 15-20 give or take a day or so.. Its in Tenn camping and trail riding. There are going to be a few events at Boggs and Boulders this...
  5. landcrusiergod1

    New yota owner

    Yeah - like a whole flippin TLCA chapter, and stuff. Find us here on the website under NWflorduh! lol...Ray
  6. landcrusiergod1

    14 apr 2012 rock crawl/race event

    its was great to hang out with you and the crew..a must do again for sure.. Ray
  7. landcrusiergod1

    Newbie from Gulf Breeze

    Sure - Ray here in FWB, give me a call - we are doing landcruiser maintenance at my house this saturday if you want to swing by. 850-902-zero seven seven four.
  8. landcrusiergod1

    14 apr 2012 rock crawl/race event

    Boggs and boulders is having a rock crawl- and rock racing/ hill climb event on 13 april 2012. Sounds like a good time. Ray
  9. landcrusiergod1

    Boggs and bolders trip feb 25

  10. landcrusiergod1

    89 FJ62, almost functional rustbucket $2,250

    Good project cruiser
  11. landcrusiergod1

    Boggs and bolders trip feb 25

    We are planning a trip to Boggs and boulders in AL. all welcome
  12. landcrusiergod1

    Looking for an Fj40 or Fj60 no motor/trans just the body

    Hey Does anybody have a lead onto an FJ40 or FJ60 -Or any landcruiser that is just a body? I am looking for my next project vehical? Looking for anything under a $999.00 - And I will pay you a finders fee if it leads to a purchase. Thanks. Ray
  13. landcrusiergod1

    TTC 2011 I am for me

    Dear Mud, I have been selected as one of the Top 50 in the 4 Wheel Mag Top Truck Challenge. I would like to thank this website for the knowledge and wisdom I have gleened over the years. I know that I am considered an underdog for my tire size and axle choice. You should see the bashing I took...
  14. landcrusiergod1

    24th July trail ride at Boggs and Boulders

    Camping friday night and Saturday night, then canoeing on Sunday. Contact me if interrested, or see you there. Ray
  15. landcrusiergod1

    Boggs and Boulders April 15-18

    won't make it- (talked to you on the phone) But We will be camping there in June. Ray
  16. landcrusiergod1

    Who is this?

    That is Mike Nie's brother, I was there for that picture -- my questions is why do you want to know? Ray
  17. landcrusiergod1

    CGS form -- Please help

    Dear Woody, I would love to be able to submitt a CGS, but the reality is that according to the bylaws we can barley get the minimum four TLCA members to submit a CGS. With that said I hope that you do not kick us off your server. Cause eventhough the primary club is all but disbanded...
  18. landcrusiergod1

    Chaos -Grey rock 23-26 Oct..Who's going with us?

    C.A.O.S Events | Link...and I spelled it wrong ....whoops...CAOS
  19. landcrusiergod1

    Chaos -Grey rock 23-26 Oct..Who's going with us?

    Registration is $60 until the end of the month--Starting Oct $70..
  20. landcrusiergod1

    Chaos -Grey rock 23-26 Oct..Who's going with us?

    Chaos OFF road is hosting a trail ride the 23-26 Oct 09, at Grey Rock OHV Al. Sign up on there site. We can convoy up if anybody is game. Post up if you are interested. Ray
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