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  1. BwardeAZ


    There is a small sensor that is bolted just underneath the intake manifold It wires up to it.
  2. BwardeAZ

    new shocks

    5125 Bilstein Marlin Crawler : Bilstein Shocks and Marlin Crawler Hoops These are a little more (300.00) than your out the door price but, they are nice shocks. I prefer them over my OME (they're also a little cheaper) and would never go back and really worth the little extra $$. .02 Brian
  3. BwardeAZ


    I vote for Bilsteins if stockers F4-B46-0256-H0 rear and F4-B46-0247-H0 fronts. If lifted I would go with these Marlin Crawler : Bilstein Shocks and Marlin Crawler Hoops I have a OME med. lift with a shackle reversal. I ran OME I liked them but, I really thought the bilsteins were much nicer...
  4. BwardeAZ

    Not Cool

    Ok, one more temp sending unit replaced?
  5. BwardeAZ

    Key On Engine Off = soaring temp

    Only need to worry if it doesn't go back down once it starts back up. It may rise a little at idle lights, stuck in traffic. It is normal.
  6. BwardeAZ

    2f In-frame rebuild

    X2 :) I would try just making sure the pan is tight. I found it a quick fix for what I thought was a bigger problem.
  7. BwardeAZ

    New Low Range Transfer Gears

    Non US H41 Nothing to modify no noise and good low range. No OD, but that is what the 33's are for. And it was cheap compared to Mark's set of gears. Everyone I talked to said drive one with the gears before you get them. I never did, but it sounds like they were right they are loud. X3 2.28...
  8. BwardeAZ

    shackle reversal advantage

    Ok this is new to me. I have been running a SR for the last 8yrs never noticed anything odd. What should I be looking for because there is a chance I have been over looking it. I do notice an occasional clunk, but i always associated it to the locker. Any links for these long travel I googled...
  9. BwardeAZ

    FJ60 Design Flaws, practical solutions?

    H41 Non-US and your done. 33's and there is your over drive. I can still beat the fastest city transport with the lower first. 2f's rule set the hand throttle and roll over what you want 210 ft-lbs. @ 1800 rpm is still hard to beat on the trails I run. B
  10. BwardeAZ

    My Brake light stays on...?!

    x2 :doh:
  11. BwardeAZ

    My Brake light stays on...?!

    X2 had the same thing happen and the tail lights were brighter with the E-brake on.
  12. BwardeAZ

    2F engine rebuild 'kit' cost ?

    I spent around 1500.00 in parts for a inline frame overhaul. It didn't include belts, water pump, or pistons. The lower of the engine really didn't need much just a bearing kit, dowel pins and rings the pistons were good. I do have an itemized invoice with prices just PM if you want to check it...
  13. BwardeAZ

    MAF centerforce dual friction clutch

    OEM x3
  14. BwardeAZ

    anti inversion

    I'm running the anti inversion shackles and don't notice any difference in roll. The sway bars are the way i want to go.
  15. BwardeAZ

    The Reality of the 60 on Road Trips

    Man, this thread is getting long when I started typing it was only two pages. and unfortunately all i have to say is Get a well maintained 60 Biatch.. they rock for everything, But great gas mileage and going 80mph My 60 has only left me stranded once in 12 years and 92000 miles. Which...
  16. BwardeAZ

    Valves: To adjust or not to adjust

    Location: Rubio's 10509 N. Oracle Road (Oracle & Pursh View Lane) - Target Shopping Center just north of Hilton El Conquistador. Time: 7:00pm-ish I will be there at about 6:30 if it's going on. It is supposed to be the second Friday of every month. I will post on there as well Just to make...
  17. BwardeAZ

    Valves: To adjust or not to adjust

    Check the sub forums there is a Tucson group They are meeting this Friday. I'm in Tucson and the info you are getting from the dealers is typical of someone who doesn't know much about 60's which is both dealers in town. Bill Lee used to be local...
  18. BwardeAZ

    what do you think of this 90 for sale

    Completely restored trucks aren't missing the fuse cover. Tell them that and it should bring the price back down to earth. Good luck in your search.
  19. BwardeAZ

    Valves: To adjust or not to adjust

    I have mine adjusted every 15,000 and they are usaully off a bit. They are supposed to tick if they don't they maybe to tight. So yeah, and what everyone else said.
  20. BwardeAZ

    aussie locker clearances

    I would PM Aussie_Locker he will clarify it. I asked a couple of questions when i did mine and he got back to me pretty quickly. If not just call 585-723-1489 they also have a live chat with an engineer feature on there web site, but I haven't ever used it...
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