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  1. Snailtrail

    What antifreeze?

    Yep, thats what i do as well... Although i seem to flush the cooling system a couple of times each year - for no other reason than i cant help tinkering with the damn thing!!! ;p
  2. Snailtrail

    Rear bearing change out

    Im slowly buying up the parts to rebuild my SF rear end. For reference the Koyo axle bearing part number is RNU0727. Cheers
  3. Snailtrail

    info on FJ61

    I havent seen one in the flesh, but the model code is definitely listed.
  4. Snailtrail

    electronic 4HI. Why?

    My Jan '85 JDM BJ61 came with the push button setup if it helps.
  5. Snailtrail

    A heartwarming newby intro

    sweeeet.... love the colour, any idea what the paint code is? Feel free to add some more pic's :smokin:
  6. Snailtrail

    Body Graphics

    My JDM BJ61 when i first got it.
  7. Snailtrail

    New knuckle studs - how tight?

    Thanks mate, just what i wanted to hear!! I was guessing it would just be a matter of feel as that torque setting isnt readily available -well, not that i can find anyway... Much appreciated.
  8. Snailtrail

    New knuckle studs - how tight?

    Having all the parts i need to rebuild my knuckles arrive this morning im pretty keen to get stuck into it. But the replacement studs from toyota have a splined top to suit a E12 socket. Does anyone know how tight these studs should be torqued??
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