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  1. tonkota

    WA engine swap laws

    Smog check for 25 years old and newer, no visual check. Seattle may have differing more critical laws. Try posting in the other forums. Spokane is much different from the West side of the state.
  2. tonkota

    Sold my wagon

    I sold my FJ62 to purchase a bike. The bike won't take less money, but I'll enjoy it more at this point of my life. You'll see it downtown a lot, but it won't be me.
  3. tonkota

    local engine business ?

    I've driven by there, but that is it. If you go through them, and it goes south on you, let us know and maybe we can be your representative.
  4. tonkota

    Wrenching Session

    Hills on Division is good, Watts Wheel Service is good too.
  5. tonkota

    Wrenching Session

    It might be time to replace both of the actuators with new OEM parts. Or change to a manual FJ-60 lever setup. Don't worry about the T-case. Its a lot simpler and more robust than you think, no mysteries locked in there. Does it go in to and out of 4-Low pretty easy?
  6. tonkota

    Wrenching Session

    I'm going to make a guess that its the front prop shaft u-joints. If it were indeed the T-case, it would still be making noise. And it would have migrated metal bits all around the T-case, thus trashing it completely. Simple test: Take the front shaft off. Drive it around. Put in in 4HI...
  7. tonkota

    Looking for a 60 (or 62) being parted out

    Spork has a 62 that should be parted :D
  8. tonkota

    Wrenching Session

    I did the McNamara gear thing... fixed my clunk. I did the work in the dirt, no special tools other than a larger socket from tool pawn. Buy the OEM gasket set. The parts inside the t-case are robust, except for the PTO gear and spacer setup (which causes the clunk from D to R). Easy 3...
  9. tonkota

    Dispersed Camping

    Go here in the summer:,-117.50239&z=17&t=H Or anywhere here:,-118.53012&z=12&t=T There are tons of great places!
  10. tonkota

    Tow Rating

    Man, we have a 19ft Coleman and I wouldn't dare pull it with the Land Cruiser. It pushes it around pretty good, not a comfortable feeling at all, even with trailer brakes and two extra leafs in the back. Which is why I bought the Ram.
  11. tonkota

    Smog Pump ???

    Removal is easy, you will need a new belt size, which is a pain to figure out. I didn't notice any performance gain, but it did give me more room to work on stuff under the hood. I'd get my belt size for you except that my FJ62 is sort of a bastard child of a FJ62/FJ60 engine marriage.... It...
  12. tonkota

    Well it appears fire season is here

    Be Safe! It is pretty dang dry out in the woods.
  13. tonkota

    Spokane Spotted Thread

    I saw that one the other day while riding my bike to work. Garland district. Its sweet! Sounds so good too.
  14. tonkota

    Spokane Spotted Thread

    There was a *.pdf available with 8 business like cards where you could put your user name and it had the ih8mud logo on them to put under people's windshield wiper blades in parking lots. I'll see if I can find it for you.
  15. tonkota

    Anyone wanting to do a meet-up sometime soon?

    My wagon is OOC for some time....
  16. tonkota

    Da fuq is with this weather?

    There are a lot of really cool places to ride.... That pic was taken at Riverside State Park (out near 7 mile off-road park). Good cross country riding there. Turn left after you drive over the bridge. Beacon Hill Iller Creek (up to "Big Rock") Mt. Spokane Indian Trails has a few spots too...
  17. tonkota

    Da fuq is with this weather?

    I went riding on Saturday... started normal enough at 41*F and then it started snowing!
  18. tonkota

    Would anyone local want a used A440F?

    $100 in beer money would be like 6 cases for some home made goodness.... and that will help me get the job done (at least that is what I tell myself). :D I'm hoping to stab in that 4 speed this summer, but it depends on time/money. I have to build a shed first.
  19. tonkota

    Would anyone local want a used A440F?

    I was going to scrap mine for the aluminum.... and buy beer. Seems like a nice use of the funds :D
  20. tonkota

    Anyone wanting to do a meet-up sometime soon?

    Is fire season over? LOL I'd be down after the holidaze...
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