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  1. cmck

    Important: do y'all wave to each other?

    100 series guy: I wave and older series folks tend to wave back. Anybody with a built rig waves, stares or follows you for a good look. 😎
  2. cmck

    Can one man uninstall a TJM T13?

    Can one man uninstall a TJM T13? Depends on the man. :cool:
  3. cmck

    Reconsidering my lift...

    J is a straight shooter 👍
  4. cmck

    Reconsidering my lift...

    Somebody said call @TRAIL TAILOR that...
  5. cmck


    Snorkels, generally raise the air intake above either dusty air or water. Water drawn into the engine can hydro lock the engine since water basically won’t compress like air. That said lots of electronics and other things in the engine bay on modern LC don’t perform well in water. Heavy...
  6. cmck

    Tough Dog

    Two winters in upstate ny. I feel rust is similar to emu I had on before. I do use fluid film liberally. The function is fine.
  7. cmck

    Better mirror options for towing with travel trailer ?

    Here is a company that makes a solid towing set Clearview Towing Mirrors For 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser . I have a set for the 100 landcruiser. I would look into the tundra ones and these.
  8. cmck

    I ruined my alternator with mud. Don't be like me.

    What @kellysaad said, clean it in the next “water hole” it really depends on the amount of mud..... my skid plate keeps some out I’m sure.
  9. cmck

    Builds My "I'm not cool enough for a build thread" thread

    Looks gr8, how much $ is a full wrap?
  10. cmck

    Stuck, icy steep driveway

    Sand if the ice is thick and white..... salt (and wait for some melting) if the ice is clear and not so thick. If you can’t walk on it, neither can the truck....
  11. cmck

    4 new tires or 5?

    I have to look at my 5 tire rotation pattern 10-15 times, as I do the rotation. :) Just to get it right.
  12. cmck

    4 new tires or 5?

    If they are the same size your probably fine. Keep in mind you want all wheels to be the same diameter so as not to increase stresses on the drive train. I buy 5 and rotate the spare into the mix, so all tires wear down at the same rate.
  13. cmck

    Dual battery setup questions

    Agreed with several above ibs display times out after ~ 20 seconds and has not been an issue. I would not put it in the engine bay due to heat more than water. I have seen it installed in the glove box. I find it handy to fire up the display before I start the engine to see battery levels...
  14. cmck

    Include a winch with new bumper? Pros, cons, why?

    Pros: When you put on a bumper sometimes the winch is captive and goes on at the same or adding it later is a Pia. In the world of vehicle recovery or obstacle conquering sometimes the winch is the ideal safest method. If you wheel with just one truck or stock trucks mostly, it provides a margin...
  15. cmck

    Poll - what kind of comms are you using?

    It kinda comes down to what your crew runs. The most versatile is Ham, it has the most frequencies, most power and the best signal. The folks I run with use Ham and even repeaters at big events. If your crew is only frs or cb and your not in on the chat, no matter how superior your signal...
  16. cmck

    fluid filmers

    Your like a rust prevention angel. :-)
  17. cmck

    Best wheel/tire combo for towing

    100 series guy here, but, I have 18’s and Duratrac’s E rated, so heres a thought. I would test more air in the tires in maybe 4 lbs increments. If you can’t feel any difference at plus say 16lbs, I doubt a shorter sidewall is going to do a lot. I have heavy rated springs and my trailer...
  18. cmck

    fluid filmers

    I smelled my spray job for 3-4 months. I found it comforting to know there was a coating protecting my Land Cruiser from the ravages of rust.
  19. cmck

    Will (5) 285/70/17 fit in rear storage area?

    Agreed, the third and second row seats have to come out. I got 5 mounted and 5 unmounted inside.
  20. cmck

    LX570 - jack lift points, stand points, jack height?

    I don’t think that’s enough height to account for the suspension dropping down. I can’t tell you for sure since I have a lifted truck. Most folks have a sturdy block or welded extension in the 4-6 inch range to add a bit of height when the lift range is limited. I wish I had gotten a bigger...
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