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  1. lowbanks

    For Sale 1995 FZJ80 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    SOLD SOLD SOLD - lot's of interested buyers but first guy to check it out bought it. It's come time to part with my LC. Until I add some pictures I have a detailed ad in (look under Ontario or GTA Toronto for 1995 Landcruiser). It's got 182,000 miles (291,000 kms), everything works...
  2. lowbanks

    ICBC Insurance Costs?

    I wish I had the great rates you had in BC. The insurance companies in Ontario are screwing everyone. I've shopped around , perfect driving record, no claims, each company is quoting similiar rates. Seems like the past 5 years, all the companies are raising their rates and their profits. I...
  3. lowbanks

    What is this?

    I'm betting fuel sub-tank option. Just install an extra tank and your ready to go.
  4. lowbanks

    high rpm a symptom??

    High rpm on a hot engine could also indicate a worn accelerator cable. Many in the forum have chased this problem down to this cable. Replace with a new one and you wouldn't believe the difference.
  5. lowbanks

    Throttle plate doesn't fully close when hot / High Idle

    Same thing happened to me, tried everything, no good. Ordered new throttle cable, you wouldn't believe the difference in how smooth that new cable slides compared to the old.
  6. lowbanks

    Drive Indicator Shows Reverse(R) When In Drive(D)

    Do a search for "neutral safety switch" for some more interesting threads and pics. Had this happen on my Previa and traced it back to this switch. Can be taken apart and cleaned, regreased, or worst case, replaced.
  7. lowbanks

    Need a US mailing add. for CDan parts....

    But when you buy $500 worth of parts from CDAN that would cost over $1,000 in Toronto, then you're more then glad to pay UPS brokerage charges. I've been ordering a yearly parts order from him for years (much appreciated), so I don't know why any business would stop shipping if the customer...
  8. lowbanks

    Firewall Bushing/Bearing for steering shaft

    There is a dust seal p/n 45292-35050 ($12) that goes down there. Common to wear out. It's not meant to provide that much support, just keeps moisture and dust out. If you still have too much movement or the seal wears out too soon then you have other worn components in the steering shaft area.
  9. lowbanks

    Oil filter/pressure help

    Same thing happened to me last Saturday when changing my filter. Must of put it on too tight last time. I looked at my new 20004 and noticed a pretty beefy ring of metal around the entire filter right near where it mates to the o-ring. I took my longest flat edge screwdriver and hammer and...
  10. lowbanks

    Knock from right side floorboard near wheel well????????

    Expansion of the exhaust joints. Happens after a few minutes of engine running (although not always). After that initial noise doesn't happen again until after a cold start. I don't notice everytime but it is quite distinct from any other noise and it's not related to speed, bumps, revs, had it...
  11. lowbanks

    OE Snorkel Now Available in the US

    U.S. prices are at least half of the Canadian dealer prices. Same part#'s, same box. Air filter is $68.00 here. That's why we like Dan. Even with shipping, exchange rate, and brokerage charges, my last order was half the Canadian dealer price. I've shown my neighbourhood toyota parts guy my...
  12. lowbanks

    idle/throttle cable issue

    If that doesn't work, replace the accelerator cable. Difference was like day/night . Replacing was a little tricky but not too bad, well worth it.
  13. lowbanks

    trip to Nova Scotia

    Just remember, fuel prices in Canada are at least 30% higher. My family is planning a trip into the U.S. and can't wait to fill up on cheaper gas you have in down there. It's why our second car is a Yaris.
  14. lowbanks

    Tapping Noise In Front Of Oil Pan No. 2 (Timing Chain? Oil Pump?)

    I'd bet your truck is sitting at a slight incline with the front of the truck lower than the back. Sounds kinda of scary but several on the forum (including myself) have decided it's nothing more than the crankshaft slamming into the oil in the pan. I do not hear it when on level or when the...
  15. lowbanks

    engine is knocking - now what to do?

    Even with a slight incline to the front, i've noticed that knocking sound right in the oil pan. On very level or with the nose slightly raised, no noise. I know this issue has been discussed here several times. Try to listen for the noise at different inclines. If noise always present...
  16. lowbanks

    Should I have these repairs @ 91,000kms

    For a 17 year old truck with mostly stop and go Japanese city driving, sound just about right. More important than mileage is the way, or how it was driven. I've driven with people who drag race between stoplights, jam on the brakes and wonder why they need new rotors/pads every 20K while...
  17. lowbanks

    Which is the A/C relay

    Troubleshooting in the manual indicates these for no blower operation (in order of probability: 1) fusible link 2) circuit breaker 3) heater relay (square 5 connector) 4) a/c control assembly 5) blower motor 6) blower speed control relay (8 connector)
  18. lowbanks

    Which is the A/C relay

    My 95 manual shows several relays that could impact the A/C. The engine coolant temp. cut relay which is round and has 4 connectors, and the Heater main relay which is square and has 5 connectors. Others in that area are the blower speed control relay ( 8 connectors) and the rear heater relay...
  19. lowbanks

    start by it's self?

    Starter contacts are sticking. Happened to me and it's very unnerving. Until I replaced the starter, had to loosen the battery terminal a little and have a screwdriver real close to detach the cable just in case. It's happened to a few on this forum. I got the contact replacement kit from...
  20. lowbanks

    Todays 80 adventure

    I think this was the previous owner, and he wants it back!!
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