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  1. exrsa1

    what can i put in this spot??

    OEM radio. My theory is that tweakers will laugh and walk on by. My Jensen heavy duty is in the tuffy, and I kept my OEM in that spot. Ex
  2. exrsa1

    Air cleaner upgrade: 60 to 62?

    That set up works good for desmogged vehicles, or partially desmogged then, since you would have no place for the big hose off the air pump and the three vacuum lines that connect to original intake ofthe original 2f or 3fe. All can be overcome I guess, but just something to keep in mind. Ex
  3. exrsa1

    62 Still Vibrating

    When last was wheel bearings done? How about tires? Ex
  4. exrsa1

    Can't figure out this leak

    Do you use your rear window washer? Mine leaked at the hose that goes through to the rear hatch, from the inside of the cab and the water ran down the side of the roof edge inside and I found it in the rear quarter panel and down by my feet in the passenger side. Hope that makes sense Ex
  5. exrsa1

    Fingers crossed TBI swap

    I have the adapter, and the shaft you need to mate to a split case. Heck, I even have a 700r4 already set up with the shaft cut to the correct length, as well. If interested, contact me through PM and we can discuss. I was at one time going to switch my 60 from the H55f setup I have now to...
  6. exrsa1

    Intermittant Wiper Issue

    5 minute job. Turn the wipers on, look under the dash on driver's side. Put your hand on the relays, you will feel it buzz. Shut them off, pull it, get it apart, clean and oil, re-install and voila! Ex
  7. exrsa1

    Vortec time for the SAR guy :-)

    SAR, looking good. I check your thread every day to see the progress. Here is a link to show what I did for the tach on my conversion: TACH Ex
  8. exrsa1

    Transmission fluid change how to/ write up for FJ60?

    Loosen the bolts that hold the pressure plate one at a time, then rotate the flywheel and do the next one, and so on and so on. Make sure you hold it in place till the last one comes out or it will fall out or move around on you. I do this by putting the clutch alighnment tool in the grooves...
  9. exrsa1

    Rear diff skid plate

    Hey Chappy. Looks good. Great idea. Are you at all concerned about the bottom cross bolt on piece getting crushed by a rock, if you came down on it with the weight of the truck, which would bend it up, and then would release the hold on the top cross piece, which could then potentially end up...
  10. exrsa1

    door beeper

    Exactly where mine is located. Ex
  11. exrsa1

    Looking at this '87....anything out of the ordinary here?

    Yep, nothing that has not been mentioned. Dent in the glove compartment door is normal for a knee. Emergency brake is very upright. means it needs adjustment or the rearconnectors(bellcranks) might be frozen. Normal front seat torn up. Aftermarket radio. Hopefully dash is not hacked up from it...
  12. exrsa1

    FJ60 + Roof Top Tent + Cruise Moab 2010 = Your thoughts

    That was the coolest thing... We kept hearing a noise, and finally this balloon drops in over the canyon wall and floats all the way past us where we were camping for the night. The noise was the burners as he controlled the altitude. The people inside took pictures of us and we took pictures of...
  13. exrsa1

    FJ60 + Roof Top Tent + Cruise Moab 2010 = Your thoughts

    That's my 60 in the background, and with 70 or so pounds on the roofrack, I was tippier on my 4" Alcan springs than BritKLR was on the Ironman suspension he runs. I never once felt that he was in danger of tipping over, or even remotely getting to that point. It handled everything very nice...
  14. exrsa1

    Lb Cake - My 62 build

    Very Nicely done. Those shackles appear to be upside down. Without the body on, it may be hard to get them in without the inversion bolt touching the frame. Ex
  15. exrsa1

    Out with the Semi-Old A440-In with the H55

    oiler 33124-36010-Oil Pipe (nipple) Ex
  16. exrsa1

    Weak AC at low rpm... any solutions?

    Yes, and if you look at the thread member 'Spike Strip' just posted up, "Has your carb been Marked", you will see a great picture of it. It is the adjustment screw at the bottom left attached to the long arm coming from the vacuum pot. That attaches to a VSV on the fender.
  17. exrsa1

    Weak AC at low rpm... any solutions?

    When at idle and you turn your A/C on, does the RPM's go up? If not that could be one issue. Also, I think the little blue knob under the dash by the passenger's knees, in the cab adjusts at what RPM the A/C comes on, so maybe that could need some adjustment. The factory idle recommended...
  18. exrsa1

    tcase adapter

    AA catalog for TH350 is 50-4701 and the 700r4 is 50-8903. Not sure the difference between the two. Same price. Call AA 1-800-350-2223 or talk to Mark in CA. He is an excellent resource. Ex
  19. exrsa1

    Where does this ground wire go?

    Some things might even work better now. Ex
  20. exrsa1

    Where does this ground wire go?

    On the head, last bolt hole you can see on the passenger side, right by the cowl. Ex
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