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  1. Dan Fredrickson

    For Sale Garage Sale 80 series, GX470, 40

    Still have the front housing? I just need the bells if you want to chop them 3" up the tube? Please give me a call...
  2. Dan Fredrickson

    Wanted ruffstuff diff cover

    Check out the venders section...
  3. Dan Fredrickson

    FJ40 Roll Cage

    I'm interested...... and not too far away......Trades?
  4. Dan Fredrickson

    Wanted wanted: aussie or lock right locker

    I would have just called you.... I have 2 fine spline lockrites, both are new, 1 unopened for $195 & 1 new with one of the thrust washers missing, they are about $10 but $35 less for your trouble....Give me a call. These were for a project that we rounded up something else (ARB).
  5. Dan Fredrickson

    83 Toyota axles

    What are they out of? If they are off of a 60 I would be interested.
  6. Dan Fredrickson

    Parting '85 60

    Also interested in the axles Give me a call
  7. Dan Fredrickson

    1978 FJ45 New Zealand Parts for sale CA

    Want it, send some pics..... just not sure if I have got to have it.....
  8. Dan Fredrickson

    Parting out 78' fj40

    really need the doors.... How much for the '64 top? What rear door?
  9. Dan Fredrickson

    Parting out 78' fj40

    I will take the doors And lets see what else, I guess thats enough.....unless it has a hardtop, I need another for my new Cruiser, give me a call and I will come and get them tommorrow.....
  10. Dan Fredrickson

    Free Puggy

    It needs some little opera windows Then it would be perfect....
  11. Dan Fredrickson

    Wanted FJ40 Gas Tank needed

    I also have a tank for .....? How about $50, everyone tells me sell things too cheaply anyway. Georg is closer and you can always trust his opinion so I too would stay away from Poly. I am going to a rear tank and need the tank space for 2 batteries. Cant mail it unless I rinse it out for a...
  12. Dan Fredrickson

    White Spoke Wagon Wheels

    I'l take those too! Tommorrow ok?
  13. Dan Fredrickson

    15 X 10 rims

    Pat, I want them! Can pick up tommorrow?
  14. Dan Fredrickson

    Wanted Looking for '73 FJ 40 door stops

    Thats what I mean, a day and a half left and $50! Maybe $22 is too cheap, no, $22 it is.
  15. Dan Fredrickson

    Misc cruiser parts for sale

    I will take the spare carrier Hood strip too, call me, In orangevale, Dan, 600-1945 I can come by in the morning if you are available.
  16. Dan Fredrickson

    Wanted Looking for '73 FJ 40 door stops

    Every one I have ever seen was painted All but 1 were white.
  17. Dan Fredrickson

    Wanted WTB--swing out rear half doors fj40

    I have both in Sacramento 60 miles east of the bay.
  18. Dan Fredrickson

    Wanted Looking for '73 FJ 40 door stops

    I am having 100 pairs made My machinist is busy but he told me next week, so I will say in 2 weeks if you want new, he promises me identical to the original's. However, 200 pieces is a pretty small run so they aren't quite free, but it was only .50 more each to make them CroMo! I said why...
  19. Dan Fredrickson

    70' FJ40 stuff

    I nwill take the axles too They should fit in the box
  20. Dan Fredrickson

    70' FJ40 stuff

    I will take the jump seats How much to ship to 95662? What is your PP addy? Dan, 916.600.1945
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