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  1. hj 60

    HJ60 turn signal relay location

    Here is a picture of the flasher controller / turn signal relay that is missing and replaced with aftermarket: The relay can be faulty and drain power when it is sticking and becomes hot so test it !
  2. hj 60

    More electrical questions (Voltage this time)

    Maybe remove the brown "ring" and have 3 mm extra for the brushes: New brushes: 2 euro These outlast the dynamo said the enigeer, very hard brushes. hardly ever replaces tem. 27371-56070 denso, jndx32 cnd-ft313 5 x 8x28mm 624.2551.90 Replaces Isuzu 5-81215-018-0 28.0 X 8.0 X 5.0 2 per set...
  3. hj 60

    Pics of your 60 pulling a Camper + Campin pics here!!!

    Maybe slow and especially uphill switch on warning lights but gets us trough mountains and once 23% steep where we got a ticket for illegal driving with a trailer.
  4. hj 60

    2H Very slow start

    Glow-plugs or fuel air leak? Glow plug is good to know time of replacement anyway (and to start maintenance record) One bad plug has big impact on bad starting. The test only shows bad or good, not inbetween so 6 new is best, now find out what it needs, many type used from 6 to 21 volt, see...
  5. hj 60

    My first knuckle service

    hub stud 8 (or 12) mm x 41mm x 1.25
  6. hj 60

    Steering wheel noise-

    Might replace it anyway, here is new for comparison: claxon horn parts: PLATE 84312-20011 (cost 9 euro) =PIN with spring and c-clip RING 45176-20030 (cost 16 euro)
  7. hj 60

    WANTED: '89 FJ62 Proportioning Valve & a Question

    My LSPV was a problem for the apk road check but when I took it apart nothing was wrong, it is just a little movement, the iron arm was bend. Now this year there was brake difference because the axle seal was leaking diff oil to the brake drum on one side, so while there always replace that...
  8. hj 60

    What with you do in this situation??

    If sound is not from a pulley, belt, fan or loose exhaust I would replace engine (seem to be cheap in the USA) or rebuild, not a nice job or fun news but postponing or ignoring is not an option. Just park and support it safely and start the job but first be sure what it is and post a video?
  9. hj 60

    Of tyres, tubes and split rims

    I love splitrims because self repair and no need for shop, have to decide to buy new Michelin for them (dry rot cracks appear now) or go back to non split rims or 235/85x16 Changed about 25 of them so not a pro but getting better every try, now they are stuck for sure after some years so bush...
  10. hj 60

    Bilstein vs OME vs Ironman shocks and springs

    I have 2x Bilstein Heavy Duty (B6 4600) B46-0256 / 24-002561 and maybe wrong ordered (just checked again, no wrong order) or old stock broken but they are so soft that the car has a lot of more roll (lean?) in corners than it had. I though sway-bar had come loose or something, the old ones...
  11. hj 60

    Reconnecting speedometer cable issue - FJ62

    I don't use led again as it does not heat up the cluster to remove moisture.
  12. hj 60

    Hump in the rear cargo area of FJ62. Thoughts?

    If the rear door closes without funny gaps or scratch marks it should be no problem? Maybe use a forklift to push it back, better to remove tank and stuff to be sure what is happening. It should look like this: No idea how to get a bump there, remove wheel, cross bar, tank?
  13. hj 60

    Time-Sert thread repair advice

    Somewhere it is explained but I cant find it on mud, (my) repair with helicoil 12x1.25 below in link. edit: mud link Stripped caliper bolts in Birfield - The original bolt is 47710A BOLT, HEXAGON(FOR...
  14. hj 60

    Broken Bolt Removal Advice?

    Weld a nut on then it is red hot and solid to wrench out.
  15. hj 60

    In the market for a 60, need some rust feedback on this option for $6,500

    The seller must realize nobody will take this for that price so you might wait and see when price drops, it is all typical rust and done before, many times. You can talk about it for days or just get the grinder out and cut it out, replace with 1.25mm metal, 3 to 4 mm for chassis, fluxcore...
  16. hj 60

    Okay to Service at Local Toyota Dealer?

    Maintenance nowadays seems a thing people cant do themselves or it is considerd a filthy thing that some unskilled person should do. But if you keep this car maybe think again about letting another person touch the car and destroy parts in a hurry. I had a old guy who was a toyota dealer and he...
  17. hj 60

    Just Came Across This '83 - Should I Buy It?

    A lot is done to at least get to the 18.5 k (opposed to cars that only drove trough a car wash) But still is seems high, the rust is covered with paint, if you like weekend wrenching the list is a good start to follow with a cheaper car. Maybe put a price at every thing on the list and...
  18. hj 60

    Why are the front brakes wearing out so fast in my fj62?

    Did you check wheel rotation with wheel off the ground to know if it is dragging? Temperature visual might show heat, but that is an expensive tool. If an old rubber brake line is worn it can keep pressure, I replaced hard and soft brakelines and rebuild calipers. Don't remove front soft...
  19. hj 60

    stanley remote control searchlight

    Never seen it, old stuff only for purist, maybe also used on boats? The modern led version with wireless remote is very bright and the remote works from a pretty long distance, 50 meters maybe? When bulls go trough the fence it is fun to search those happy bastards. German search...
  20. hj 60

    Which hose clamp is best?

    Wait, you guys use a brandnew zip tie? I used some of the rust proof stainless clamps for heater hoses but those all (x8) leaked and when tightened break or snap open so replaced with normal iron. The non adjustable nr 2 when RE-used with new radiator hose (more proof to never reuse?) , it...
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