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    Thinking of flipping this........maybe

    Posting on MUD for financial advice.... first time for me. Adding any kind of mods to a vehicle, your throwing that money away, so if your goal is to make money, don't do anything. Most people on here want something unmolested, so they can do all the fun stuff and drain their own wallet and...
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    Phone mount solution: CAD-designed plate between vents for RAM holders

    Looks great. Thats perfect place where I want my phone. I would be interested in one if you start making them.
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    Turbo or supercharger ?

    Supercharger = unobtanium There is a 100 page thread about a turbo being produced by Wits-End. Looks very interesting to me and quite a few others.
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    8cam's 1800-mile 80 acquisition

    Welcome :flipoff2: Beautiful pics, and looks like a fun journey. Safe travels. And.... how much does a beauty like that cost $$$ ??? I really didn't want to ask, but someone had to. Im sure Im not the only one wondering. .
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    New 1994 FJ80 owner.

    Welcome... Read all of the 80 section stuff. So much info its crazy, get comfy. Drive it and enjoy it.
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    Builds 97 80 Build Thread

    WOW.... I feel like this build should be 25-30 pages long. It ended too quickly. Good work!!!! Impressive. With an infant too, bonus points for that.
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    New owner, what PM to do?

    Comprehensive Baselining List
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    The 1FZ supercharger kit is no more.

    Toyota 1FZ-FE 4.5L I6 Supercharger System
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    Value of a 96 with a blown motor only 85k original miles.

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    If your truck had a theme song...what would it be?

    Gold Digger - Kanye West..... huh??
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    Tacoma vs FZJ80

    OP- Its 2 completely different animals. I have both, a double cab 15 Taco and a 97 LX450. Have I thought about getting rid of them both for a 100 series, YEP. But I have to have a pickup, I like having a pickup; dogs, chemicals, lawnmowers, mtb bikes, surf boards, smelly dead animals, etc...
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    Fzj80 Daily Driver Trail Rig help...

    Since you appear to be new. Welcome. :flipoff2: Go here; And say hello. We have a lot of nice good Cruiser people in NC.
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    Post pics of your rig with XML's!

    Sorry Al, I think you and about 10 others were right behind me. :grinpimp: It was like an uncontrollable reaction to call him right away and give him money. I thought about getting the old ride back, but its like going back to an Ex-girlfriend. To stay on topic, I loved the XMLs when I had...
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    Post pics of your rig with XML's!

    Killing me Al...:beer::beer: Seeing those old pics of my 80, makes me want it back, and its for sale. Who wants my 40???
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    Check this out...487,000 mile 94' 80 For Sale

    Looks like 187K in the picture. Did somebody call and confirmed it was 487K ??????
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    is $6k for 95 80 w/244K miles a good deal?

    another $900 and you can have mine.
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    Comon rust areas??

    Roof rack, and also if you have one of those wind deflector things above the tailgate window. When I took mine off thats where I found the most rust.
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    Before and After Pics

    then too small, now too big
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    Clarify please, topic: wheels

    My 94 also has rear drums. Thought I could only use 16s, didnt know it was just the rear disks that cause the issue. I would love to know if I could also run 15s.
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    Twin 80's or 4Runner + 80???

    Your not going to save alot more gas with a 4runner, if you do it is going to be very minimal. Go with 2 LCs.
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