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    Builds 40 Series Chassis, 80 Series Suspension - Kept it Simply

    Dang that looks sweet, needs to be in a museum.. Great Job!
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    RE-Powering a FJ55 Help!

    Great Idea That Diesel will provide some low end grunt power and hopefully won't take out the axles.
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    11 inch wider HJ47

    Wow Monumental build in the dirt and utilizing some great turn buckles to hold things together takes some ingenuity as well. Good Job!
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    Builds Family haulin'

    I would caution on just relying on the line lock. I have ssen a truck that used one have a slight problem. the brakes were hot when applied and things relaxed a tad. Resulting in said truck racing down a mountain. You can visualize what happened next.
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    Does anyone take their dog when doing "Hardcore" wheeling?

    I was thinking of the nets the nascar teams use to keep them inside. still see out but provides a level of protection.
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    Help with cooling FJ60

    Thanks I knew that and got off track. Time to go crawl back in my hole.
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    Help with cooling FJ60

    One thing that I see is the fan is not quite far enough towards the radiator in my opinion. You are correct the shroud does not have much affect on cooling at speed its the slow crawl that the fan has to pull air through the radiator. That seems to be the issue.
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    Help with cooling FJ60

    Well without pictures it is hard to look at what you have. Do you have a great fan shroud? Auto trans cooler? AC condenser up there also? Power Steering cooler? What pulley is on the water pump? standard size and not under driven? is the convertor locking up?
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    Builds Project X²

    So I take it there will be a skid plate under the fuel tank?
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    Ute tray hinges

    maybe mcmaster carr, austin hardware type of places
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    Builds Chicago builds a 40

    That is coming along great. Almost to purdy to get scratched and dirty. :)
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    Leaf Sliders

    Thinking outloud would Delrin plastic work? it is available from Mcmaster Carr.
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    Builds Chicago builds a 40

    Very smart to do it now while it is clean underneath no dirt to fall in your face. I hate oil leaks as well and it is wise to do now while you can.
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    Builds Chicago builds a 40

    I would agree with a transfer case issue, the grinding when placing in park is telling us it is still spinning along like it is when going down the road. Something is missing the connecting point to allow it to continue to spin. Could be the drive shafts are leaning against the wall but we know...
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    Builds Chicago builds a 40

    That is really coming together nicely. Surprised you don't have the fenders covered so if ya lay tools they won't be the first scratches on it. Wait until ya get into the dirt and get the pinstripping dings and dents.
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    Builds Chicago builds a 40

    I don't know if my thought would work or be to darn bulky. But take a piece of short height unistrut weld it on and then insert a unistrut nut w spring and attach a clamp like normal. Unistrut is versital and you can cut and notch to make it stand upright or which ever turned your boat. But...
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    Builds Chicago builds a 40

    Yes lets just get this beautiful creation up and running, after all it is going to be used off road and not a street queen. Some natural pin stripping mixed in on the paint and any minor imperfections will be a mute point.
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    Builds Chicago builds a 40

    Plastic for residential work metal in the attics for junction boxes. Commercial is generally metal. watertite on the exterior.
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    Builds Chicago builds a 40

    That is a great thought there are 1/2, 3/4 & 1 inch knockouts. they do make a snap in plug as well. Most are steel but might work well.
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    Builds Chicago builds a 40

    Well in my previous employment we had a ironworker machine. that sucker could punch 1/2 plate chew up angle iron and also punch circles. The question of the week would be is there one anywhere near you? yea the plasma might be the best bet, cnc machine water jet cutters also a option
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